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Humanities Timeline

  • 284

    Early Christianity- Rome is split into two regions by Diocletian

    Attempted to solve problems by dividing Rome in half by religiom
  • 313

    Early Christianity- Edict of Milan

    A proclomation that established acceptance and no more prosecution of Christians.
  • 325

    Early Christianity- Nicaean Creed

    A statement to love/worship Jesus
  • 330

    Byzantine- Theodosius II builds a great wall around Constantinople, establishing it as the center of the new Eastern Roman Empire

  • 380

    Early Christianity- Theodosius’ Edict

    Ordered all Roman Empire civilians to profess their faith, which was to be Christianity
  • 400

    England- Rome Leaves

    Rome departs from England
  • 410

    Early Christianity- The Sacking of Rome by Germanic Tribes

    Attacked by Germanic Tribes, Rome had lost and was no longer the "main city".
  • 415

    Early Christianity- The Death of Hypatia

    Murdered by Romans because she spoke out against Christianity, and believed in philosophy
  • 440

    Early Christianity- Pope Leo’s Peterine Docterine

    The procolomation that Saint Peter had been given authority by God himself and passed it onto every Pope
  • 450

    England- Anglo Saxon Invasion

    The Anglo Saxons invade England and are beat back by Rome
  • Period: 509 to 511

    Clovis and The Merovingian Dynasty- Reign of Clovis

    Clovis was the head of a Dynasty in France
  • 527

    Byzantine- Justinian becomes Emperor of the Byzantine Empire

    Justinian becomes the emperor of Constantinople after Constantine himself
  • 537

    Byzantine- Hagia Sophia is built

    Hagia Sophia, a very important location in Islam, is completed
  • Jun 18, 622

    Islam- Muhammed leaves for Medina

    Muhammad departs the city of Mecca to go to Medina
  • Dec 18, 629

    Islam- Muhammed conquers Mecca

    Muhammad takes charge of the city of Mecca
  • Jan 27, 661

    Islam- Ali is murdered, creating Sunni/Shia split

    Ali, son in law of prophet Muhammad, is assassinated. Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims split over beliefs.
  • Apr 18, 691

    Islam: Umayyad Empire- Dome of the Rock built in Jerusalem

    Dome of the Rock, the rock that Muhammad carried and Abraham was to sacrifice his son, Isaac on
  • Jan 1, 708

    The Carolingian Dynasty: Agreement with Byzantine Empire to recognize Charlemagne

    Byzantine acknowledges Charlemange as snother dynasty, they coexist
  • Apr 20, 710

    England- The Venerable Bead’s Writing

    Considered the father of English hsitory
  • Period: Jan 1, 718 to Jan 1, 741

    Clovis and The Merovingian Dynasty- Battle of Tours and Charles Martel

    Charles Martel was in charge of French Dynasty, Battle of Tours occured during his time as ruler
  • Oct 10, 732

    Islam: Ummayad Empire- The Battle of Tours

    When Islam tried to spread too far North, they were faught over territory
  • Period: Jan 1, 751 to Jan 1, 768

    Clovis and The Merovingian Dynasty- Pepin the Short

    Pepin the short was the ruler of France from 751 until his death in 768
  • Period: May 1, 751 to Aug 1, 768

    The Carolingian Dynasty: Charlemagne and the Renaissance

    Increase of Culture
  • Jul 30, 762

    Islam: The Abbasaid Empire- Baghdad built as new capitol

    Baghdad is the new capital of Islam
  • Jan 1, 763

    The Carolingian Dynasty: Diplomatic Relations with Harun Al Rashid

    Had direct relations with Charmelege for a partnership
  • Jan 1, 845

    Charles the Fat lets the Vikings sack Paris: Charles the Fat lets the Vikings sack Paris

    Charles and his crew invaded in a barbaric way
  • Apr 28, 845

    Vikings: The Vikings start invasions of France and England

    Vikings sack Paris and take all of their important belongings, destroy many historical items as well
  • Apr 28, 846

    Vikings: Viking chief Rollo is granted land by the Franks and founds Normandy in France

    Franks give Rollo land to avoid any conflict
  • Apr 28, 850

    Vikings: The Vikings conquer the rest of England and *Cnut rules

    They finally conquer Paris
  • Apr 20, 871

    England- Alfred the Great

    Alfred was the king of Messex from 871-899
  • Apr 20, 872

    England- The House of Wessex

    Kingdom of the original rulers of England
  • Apr 28, 893

    Vikings: Alfred divides England with the Danes under the Danelaw pact

    Divides Englads with the clture of the Danes, can confuse heirarchy
  • Apr 28, 950

    Vikings: Viking leader Erik the Red discovers Greenland.

    Erik discovers the new land that he titles Greenland
  • Apr 20, 1000

    England- Beowulf written by unknown Monk

    Beowulf, a book about Christianity, is written by an anonymous monk
  • Apr 28, 1000

    Vikings: Viking ships sail in Newfoundland waters

    The Vikings find America
  • Apr 28, 1003

    Vikings: Cnut gives rule to Edward the Confessor

    Cnut passes on his power