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AP World History 10, 9, 7

  • Period: 100 to 200

    Camels Used for Trade

    Camels introduced for trade in the Sahara. Important because animals and other things are still used for transportation.
  • 300

    Kingdom of Ghana

    Kingdom of Ghana
    Origins of the kingdom of Ghana. Significant because it lasted over a hundred years.
  • 330


    Constantinople becomes capital of Eastern Roman Empire. Significant because it was one of the first major cities.
  • 527


    Reign of Justinian. Significant because he was the emperor of the Byzantine Empire.
  • 570

    Muhammad Birth

    Muhammad Birth
    The birth of the prophet Muhammad. He would become a famous historical figure.
  • Period: 597 to 626

    War Between Byzantines and Persians

    Wars between the Byzantines and Sasanians (Persians) empires. Important because these wars lasted for long periods of time.
  • Period: 600 to 700

    Islam Spreads

    Islam spreads across North Africa.
  • 610

    Muhammad’s revelation

    Muhammad’s revelation
    Muhammad’s first revelations. Significant because he was considered the leader of the Islam faith.
  • 613

    Muhammad preaches

    Muhammad preaches
    Muhammad begins to preach the new faith.
  • 622

    Muhammad Flees

    Muhammad’s flight from Mecca to Medina.
  • Period: 624 to 627

    Wars Because of Muhammad

    Wars between the followers of Muhammad and the Quraysh of Mecca. Important because these battles had a large impact on the future of Islam.
  • 628

    Muslim-Meccan Truce

    Muslim-Meccan truce. Truces are important to keep peace.
  • 630

    Muhammad enters Mecca

    Muhammad enters Mecca
    Muhammad enters Mecca In triumph
  • 632

    Muhammad Dies

    Muhammad Dies
    The death of Muhammad. Important because Islam still last today.
  • Period: 632 to 634

    Rule of Caliph

    Rule of Calipth Abu Bakr
  • Period: 633 to 634

    Wars in Arabia

    Ridda wars in Arabia. Important because many lives were lost in the battles.
  • Period: 634 to 643

    Muslim Conquest

    Early Muslim conquests in the Byzantine Empire. Muslims had multiple conquests.
  • Period: 634 to 644

    Caliph Umar Rule

    The rule of Caliph Umar. He was one of the emperors.
  • 637

    Arab Invasion

    Arab Invasion and destruction of Sasanian Empire. Significant because the Sasanian empire lasted for hundreds of years.
  • Period: 644 to 656

    Rule of Caliph Uthman

    Rule of Caliph Uthman
  • 650


    Slavic migrations into Eastern Europe. Important because migration is still happens today.
  • Period: 656 to 661

    Rule of Caliph Ali

    Rule of Caliph Ali; the first civil war. Important because there have been many civil wars since.
  • Period: 661 to 680


  • Period: 661 to 750

    Umayyad Caliphate

    Umayyad Caliphate. Important because it has not been the first caliphate.
  • 680

    Ali’s Son Dies

    Death of Ali’s son Husayn at Karbala.
  • Period: 680 to 692

    Second Civil War

    Second Civil War
  • 718

    Arab Attack

    Arab Attack
    Arab attack on Constantinople defeated. Arabs fought more than one time.
  • Period: 744 to 750

    Third Civil War

    Third Civil War; Abbasid revolt. Important because the Abbasids revolted.
  • 750

    Abbasid Caliphate

    Abbasid caliphate begins. Important because it was founded by Muhammad’s uncle.
  • 855

    King Rurik

    Rurik king of Kievan Russia. Kievan Russia was a major place in history.
  • 864

    Beginning of Christian Missionary

    Beginning of Christian Missionary
    Beginning of Christian missionary work of Cyril and Methodius in Slavic lands. Important because Christianity is one of the most practiced religions.
  • 870

    First Kingdoms

    First Kingdom in what is now Czech and Slovak republics. Important because it was the very first ones.
  • 896


    Magyars settle in Hungary. Important because these were some of the first Hungarians.
  • 960

    Polish State Emergency

    Emergence of Polish State.
  • 980

    Russian Conversion

    Russian Conversion
    Conversion of Russia to Christianity. Important because Russia has a massive population.
  • 1000

    Ghana Contains Power

    Ghana at height of its power. Important because Ghana was very important.
  • 1018

    Bulgarian Defeat

    Byzantine defeat of Bulgarian kingdom. Important because the Byzantine empire continued to gain power.
  • 1019

    Reign of Yaroslav

    Reign of Yaroslav, king of Rus’
  • 1054

    Christian Schism

    Schism between Eastern and Western Christianity. Important because the two separate groups are still mentioned today.
  • 1100

    Almoravid Movement

    Almoravid movement in the Sahara.
  • Period: 1100 to 1453

    Byzantine Attacked

    Byzantine decline; under growing attack by Ottomans.
  • 1200

    Empire of Mali

    Empire of Mali
    Rise of the Empire of Mali
  • Period: 1203 to 1204

    Fourth Crusade

    Fourth Crusade, Westerners sack Constantinople.
  • Period: 1237 to 1241

    Russia Captured

    Mongols capture Russia
  • 1260

    Death of Sundiata & More

    Death of Sundiata; earliest stone buildings at Zimbabwe; lalibela rules in Ethiopia; Yoruba culture flourishes at Lle-lfe.
  • 1300

    Mali at Its Height

    Mali at its height; Kanem empire is a rival. Important because this empire lasted for almost 500 years.
  • 1324

    Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa

    Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa. Pilgrimages continue to happened today.
  • 1400

    Cities Flourish

    Flourishing of cities of Timbukto and Jenne; Ethiopian Christian kingdom; Swahili cities flourish on East African coast. Important because there was much change in the world.
  • 1417

    Last Chinese Trade Voyages

    Last Chinese Trade Voyages
    Last Chinese trade voyages to east Africa.
  • 1453

    End of Byzantine Empire

    End of Byzantine Empire
    Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople; end of Byzantine empire. Important because one of the great empires fell.
  • 1480

    Expulsion of Mongols (Tatars)

    Expulsion of Tatars.
  • 1500

    Songhay Empire Flourishes

    Songhay empire flourishes; Benin at height of Power. Important because the Benin empire is now known as the Benin state.