Lauren Ricciuti's Islam Timeline

  • 570

    Muhammed Is Born

    Muhammed Is Born
    He was orphaned at a young age, raised by his uncle. As a child he worked as a shepard among the Bedouins.
  • Mar 4, 610

    Visitation of Gabriel

    Visitation of Gabriel
    An angel visited Muhammed, telling him to be a messenger of God. He spent the rest of his life spreading Islam, urging people to give up their false Gods and worship the one true God.
  • Mar 4, 622

    The Hijra

    The Hijra
    Muhammed had some followers, but others felt his beliefs were a threat to their religion. He then faced a threat and left Mecca for Yathrib with his followers. This journey became a turning point for Islam.
  • Mar 9, 630

    Muhammed returns to Mecca

    Muhammed returns to Mecca
    Muhammed and his followers return to Mecca, and when they arrive they enter the city peacefully. All the citizens accept Islam. The prohpet then clears the images and idols out of the Kaaba, leaving only one image of one God to be worshipped alone.
  • Mar 4, 632

    Muhammed Dies

    Muhammed Dies
    After Muhammed dies Islam keeps spreading rapidly. Abu Bakr was a caliph, who kept the religion alive.
  • Mar 5, 641

    Muslims enter Egypt

    Muslims enter Egypt
    Muslims enter Egypt and rout the Byzantine army. Consider their conquest to be succesful and the felt the Muslims were freeing them from the Byzantine Empire. Many of them then converted to Islam.
  • Mar 5, 655

    Islam spreads throughout North Africa

    Islam spreads throughout North Africa
    Many people converted because when they were conquered they were treated fairly, Islam was a common faith tp practice and people were not forced to convert, they were allowed to practice their own faiths.
  • Mar 5, 661

    Imam Ali dies

    Imam Ali dies
    Imam Ali is killed, which ends the rule of the four "righteous caliphs", Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali. After they were killed it marked the beginning of the Umayyad rule.
  • Mar 5, 711

    Muslim Conquers Spain

    Muslim Conquers Spain
    After entering Spain in the west and India in the east, the Muslims pushed up into the peninsula into France. Over time, almost the whole Iberian Peninsula was under Islamic control.
  • Mar 9, 1000

    Islam continues to spread

    Islam continues to spread
    Islam is still spreading through the continent of Africa, which was serving as a liaison between northern and central regions of Africa.
  • Mar 9, 1099

    Muslims lose Jerusalem

    The European crusaders take and conquer Jerusalem from the Muslims, but in time the Muslims fight back and win the holy land back over.
  • Mar 9, 1120

    Muslims continue to spread Islam

    As the spreading of Islam continues, in Asia the Malaysian traders come in contact with Muslims and as they interact the Muslims teach them about Islam.
  • Mar 16, 1244

    Muslims regain Jerusalem

    After the death of the Muslims general Salah al-Din in 1187 the Muslims regained control of Jerusalem.
  • Mar 13, 1299

    Ottoman state is formed

    Ottoman state is formed
    The earliest Ottoman state was formed in this time, in Anatolia, Turkey.
  • Mar 13, 1453

    Ottomans conquer Constantinople

    Ottomans conquer Constantinople
    The Ottomans attack and conquer Constantinople changing its name to Instanbul.
  • Mar 16, 1520

    Ottoman Empire Golden Age

    Under the sultan Suleiman rule the Ottoman Empire had its golden age. This man was a brilliant general who modernized the army and conquered many new lands.
  • Muslims forced into slavery

    Muslims forced into slavery
    In this time, approximately 30 percent of African Americans who were muslims were forced into slavery in the United States.
  • Muslim immigrants come to U.S.

    From 1870-1924 Muslim immigrants from the Arab world came to the U.S. by choice until the Asian Exclusion Act was passed in 1924.
  • The Nation of Islam is created

    The Nation of Islam is created
    Based on Islamic ideas, but containing innovation such as declaration of Elijah Muhammed as a prophet, the Nation of Islam was then created. It was created in the U.S. by W.D. Fard.
  • The state of Isreal is created

    In this time the state of Isreal was created. Among the Palestinian and Lebanese refugees that fled the U.S. were Christians and Muslims.
  • Immigration Law

    In this time revisions of immigration law opened up more doors and oppurtunities for Muslim immigration.
  • The Iranian Revolution

    The Iranian Revolution
    The Iranian Revolution resulted in the establishment in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was the first attempt at an Islamic state in the modern era.
  • Seljuk Turks

    In the 900's the Seljuk Turks migrated into the Middle East from Central Asia, adopting Islam and building a large empire across the Fertile Cresent.
  • al-Mamum acts opon his dream

    al-Mamum acts opon his dream
    al-Mamum had a bunch of scholars collect the great works of the classical world and tanslate it to Arabic. By the time of 830 the caliphs set up the "House of Wisdom," which was a library and university in Baghdad.