2018 08 19

North America

  • 1492

    Discovery by European Powers

    Columbus sailed to the West trying to circle across the oceans to find a faster route to India. Discovered the Islands of the Carribean and brought news of his discovery back to Europe, which inspired future explorations that discovered the continent.
  • 1522

    First exploration of Flordia and Gulf Coast

    Conquistador Andrés Dorantes de Carranza led the expedition, one of his slaves Mustafa Zemmouri (Estevancio of Azamor) is believed to be the first Muslim in America.
  • 1527

    Spanish exploration of Flordia

    Panfilo de Narvaez had a disasterous journey in flordia. A man Istafan on his crew was first Arab man in America. He returned to America afterwards.
  • 1539

    Franciscan friars explore Arizona and Discover the Pueblo Indians

    Franciscan friar, Marcos de Niza travels in Arizona being led by the Arab guide Istafan. They discovered the Pueblo Indians and create our earliest records of the American West.
  • Period: 1550 to

    Slave trade in the Americas

    The development of the triangle trade of cotton grown in America being sold to Europe where it was made into cloth. This cloth then was sold to Africans in exchange for slaves that were sold in America. The trade dramatically shaped the history and development of the American countries and African countries.
  • Period: to

    Seven Year War / French and Indian War

    Dividing of N. America between France and Britain. Britain retained coast, coastel lands, and Canada. France retained Mississippi and Louisiana (purchase).
  • Boston Massacre

    Increased taxes on American colonists including the Tea, Sugar and Stamp Acts lead to riots in America. Rioters attacked with stones and such against people and shots were fired into the crowd killing several. The situation was defused by John Adams who argued that the soldiers had a right to protect themselves against blatent attack. The incedent lead to a loss of confidence in the British authorities to address the colonists grievences peacefully.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Riot threw tons of tea into the ocean destroying it to protest the high tea tax as well as the other newly insituted taxes. The colonist claimed that they needed a voice in parliment for the taxes to be legitimate.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War USA

    War against colonial powers armies lead by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette and others.
  • Publication of "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine

    Represented the Colonists views and issues with the British crown in enlightenment terms. Challenged concepts of divine sovereignty arguing instead for popular soveriegnty. He also highlighted the lack of obligations to the crown. This galvanized the colonists to believe in the justness of their revult.
  • Declaration of Independence

    First departure of a colony from metropol rule with out consent of the crown. Created a pattern of demanding commom right for all people and listing grievances against colonial forces.
  • Treaty of Paris (America colonies and Great Britain)

    America was recognized as an independent political state separate from the British empire.
  • World's Parliament of Religions in Chicago

    Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb the first white convert to islam in America represented Islam at the parliment. He had converted as consular in the Philippians in 1888 and had since taught islam in India and the US. He started the American Islamic Propaganda Movement for this purpose.
  • First Islamic Mosquee in US

    Built in Biddeford Maine, by Albanian Muslims. An African-American Islamic temple called the Moorish Science Temple had been built two years previously in 1913 by Noble Drew Ali with the mission of restoring Blacks identity from before slavery.
  • US Immigration Act

    Stopped all Muslims from immigrating for 40 years.
  • Formation of the Nation of Islam

    Created by Elijah Mohammad this became the largest Islamic association in the US. It combined traditional Islamic teachings with African supremacy and believes that Elijah Mohammad was a special messanger from God.
    Malcom X or Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz was an active member until he left the group in the mid1960s over non-Islamic teachings and leadership issues.
  • First National Islamic Organization in US

    The Federation of Islamic Associations started in Cedar Rapids Iowa, at the Mother Mosquee. Sunni Islam has no set leadership, so all branches had previously acted completely independent of the other islam communities in the country.
  • Islamic Center in Washington DC Opened

    This was the first formal recognition of the American Muslim population, the opening event was attended by President Eisenhower and various foreign Muslims. It codified the development of an American Muslim identity, in contrast to early ties to preimmigration Islamic areas.
  • First Shiite Mosquee in US

    It was openned in Detroit, which had long had a significant muslim population.
  • The Nation of Islam reforms along traditional Islamic lines

    Believes about special messangers are dropped by the Nation. Non-blacks are allow to join for the first time, while studying the koran and hadith are encouraged. These changes were accompanied by efforts to connnect and be recognized by international sunni muslims communities.
  • Terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers (Twin Towers) New York

    Commonly known as 9/11, four passanger planes were hijacked by Arab extremest and crashed to destroy key US facilities. Two planes hit the Twin towers, a third hit the pentogan and the last crashed in a field in Maryland after passengers overwelmed the terrorists.
    This attack as the first attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor was treated the same way. Nationalism swelled and a war on terrrorism that started in Afghanistan and Iraq commenced.
  • USA Patriot Act

    Enabled government agencies to collect and monitor private information about US citizens without court permission. This ability was unfortunately applied disjointedly with undo abuse being displayed against Arab and Muslim individuals.
  • Muslim Mothers against Violence established

    This was established in Cinncinati, Ohio, with the intention of aiding Muslim youths to overcome bullying, misconseptions and discrimination through positive non-violent means.