Pay It Forward Bhavana

  • Family

    I am going to donate food, furniture,clothes for the orphans.
    I will give a speech in front of the audience. The donation for the orphans will take five years. I will send the news to all the people in America by reporting in the news paper. This will help the orphans have fresh food . Iam going to take all the stuff the the people donate . Then i will put it in a storage room or a shed.
  • furniture

    For furnitue there are some restrictions. They should not be broken or weak. You can drop the furniture at my house. My house is in main. You can find my e main near my office at the charity center.Then i will put them in a pod and send it in a air plane . You must send me an e -mail.
  • food

    For food i am going to give the audience instructions on what type of food they should bring. Canned food such as mac and cheese,beans,and many other canned foods like that. They can bring the food and drop it off near my house. i will put it in the storage room. Then i will send it to the orphans who live near Africa,India,many other countries that have no food.
  • clothing

    People can collect the clothes and mail it of drop it in a basket where the speech was held.The clothes are not suppose to be ripped.The clothes are going to be sent by the time i reach the orphanage.