New Framce

  • Oct 31, 1541

    First french settlement

    In 1541, Cartier founds Charlesbourg-Royal, the first French settlement in the New World
  • port royal is founded

    Samuel de Champlain founds the settlement of Port-Royal (today renamed Annapolis, Nova Scotia), which marks the birth of l'Acadie. Sadly, the small establishment will be destroyed by the British in 1607.
  • champlain founded quebec city

  • champlain allies himself with the huron, algonquin and montagnais.

  • arrival of the recolets missionaries

  • arrival of the jesuites

  • trois rivier is founded by laviolette

    Under the orders of Champlain, the Sieur de La Violette travels to the mouth of the Saint-Maurice river to found a fur trading post and a fort. It will come to be known as Trois-Rivières. For a long time, this site will be one of the most advantageous for the activities of fur traders.
  • French iroquois war

  • margueritte bourgeoys founds school

  • royal proclamation

    Louis XIV cancels the contract of the Compagnie des Cent Associés since it had failed to transport thousands of settlers to New France. The king thus takes direct control of the colony and establishes a Royal Government, composed of a gouverneur, an intendant and the Conseil Souverain.
  • Jeal talon arrives

    Jean Talon becomes the intendant of New France and the colony knows a great period of growth and prosperity. On that same year, Louis XIV send the Carignan-Salières regiment to counter the Iroquois threat. Of the 1300 soldiers who set foot in the colony, about 400 will choose to stay and found families.
  • A British royal charter establishes the Hudson's Bay Company.

  • population of NF is about 1 tenth of the 12 colonies

    La Nouvelle-France now has a population of 10 275 habitants (compared to about 160 000 in New England).
  • Grand Paix de montreal

    The Great Peace of Montréal is finally signed between the French and the Iroquois.
  • treaty of utrech

    With the signature of the Utrecht treaty, France must abandon Newfoundland and the Hudson Bay to the British. New France is now strategically surrounded by British territories.
  • soeurs grises is founded

    Marguerite d'Youville (born Marie Marguerite Dufrost de Lajammerais) founds the Congrégation des Soeurs de la Charité de Montréal, better known as the «Soeurs Grises», devoted to helping the poor.
  • Deportation of the acadiens

    The Acadiens refuse to swear allegiance to the British crown (as it would mean betraying their faith). To make sure these valiant settlers do not leave to reinforce the defenses of Canada, governor Charles Lawrence orders their deportation. The unarmed populace is arrested and loaded onto boats that disperse them in the American colonies.
  • Period: to

    7 years war

  • Montcalm looses to wolfe at quebec

    The English attack Québec city once more, under the orders of general James Wolfe. The marquis de Montcalm defends Québec. After a long conflict that leaves the city in ruins and the entire region devastated, the city falls to the English.
  • pontiac rebellions

    Thousands of Natives, still loyal to France, swear vengeance and declare war on the English. The red coats are forced back from the Great Lakes region by chief Pontiac and his allies.
  • treaty of paris

    all land is given over from french to the british