The french retrreat

New France Assignment

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    Leif Erickson

    Leif Erickson
    Leif Erickson, also known as Lief the Lucky, Was a Norseman or "Viking" who discovered north America first, he lands in Canada which he called Marks Land, fights the aboriginals, wins though out numbered, what we call an aboriginal in their language was literally called "weakling." he was converten to Christianity just before sailing there.
  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus is sent to find a new trade route to India, if anything is worth more than money to Europe its spices, the goal was to go around the earth to the other side, assuming that the edge of the map was indeed where they thought it was, he end up landing on north America, calls the Aboriginals Indians thinking he arrived at the correct destination.
  • 1498

    John Cabot

    John Cabot
    John Cabot is Funded by England to find another trade route to India, he is lost and he end up landing in modern New Found Land and was the one to call in so, name stands to this day.
  • 1534

    Jacques Carties

    Jacques Carties
    Arrives in North America, kidnaps some significant Aboriginals like a chief and the chief's two sons. Places a cross in the name of New France which will later be known as Quebec, return to France with what he though was gold, turn out to be Quarts.
  • Quebec City

    Quebec City
    was the capital of New France and now is the capital of the province Quebec in Canada, is considered to be one of the more progressed cities in Canada today, was founded by Samuel de Champlain
  • Samuel de Champlain

    Samuel de Champlain
    was an explorer for France, who was sent to new France for exploration of land. Champlain was the one who founded Quebec that still stands to this day.
  • Seigneurial System

    Seigneurial System
    The system was first made in New France to distribute the land, usually given in thin and long stripes of land, the distribution its self was very similar to the way lords worked in majority of European countries, the Lord has land, he gives it to peasants to work under him and benefit the economy.
  • King Louis the XIV

    King Louis the XIV
    The King of France and the God of Retreat and did the most for New France, majority of events that happened were happening through his as king, hunting, trade, facilities, land, all was going through him.
  • Sovereign Council

    Sovereign Council
    The Sovereign Council was a governing body in New France. It served as both Supreme Court for the colony of New France, as well as a policy-making body, though this latter role diminished over time.
  • Militia of New France

    Militia of New France
    Louis XIV, King of France, required a draft. all "Canadian" males aged 16 to 60 had to join militia companies and undergo military training..
  • Hudson Bay Company

    Hudson Bay Company
    The Hudson Bay Company became the largest fur trading company in North America and were granted help permission and funding by king Charles the second for voyages and hunts
  • Fortress of Louisberg

    Fortress of Louisberg
    Louisbourg was a fortified town and an important strategic capital in the French colony of Ile Royale or today, Cape Breton Island. It was the scene of two major military sieges in the Anglo-French war for supremacy over north America.
  • Expultion of Acadians

    Expultion of Acadians
    The Acadians were citizens in today's Nova Scotia by Port Royal, and was an act of the soldiers rounding up and expelling them from their land, burning their homes and crops.
  • Seven Years War

    Seven Years War
    was basically an over view picture, it takes all the wars and battles between The French and Great Britain, it counts as the same war all through out the seven years until 1763 when the peace treaty was signed.
  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    Also known as the battle of Quebec, was an invasion led by James Wolfe of Great Britain on to Quebec city, the capital of New France, now know as Quebec. the French were tough, they fought like lions, bit like wolves, ran away like babies with full diapers.... long story short the cowards surrender to the British and Canada becomes English.
  • James Wolfe

    James Wolfe
    James Wolfe was a British military general who led the British in multiple wars against the French, most known for his roles in the Seven Years War, at the end of which he died during his greatest battle, the battle of the plains of Abraham.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Was the end of the Seven Years War, and the French, as they Naturally do, give up all their land to the British, all of north America now belonged to the British, and the French stayed where they belong, in frogland
  • Northwest Company

    Northwest Company
    was one of the largest fur trading companies, and was the largest provided for France and New France and before the British companies, controlled nearly 80 percent of fur in North America.
  • Slavery in New France

    Slavery in New France
    Slaven mostly of African origin belonged usually to certain groups in New France, such as nuns, royals, high borns, etc. who performed tasks sucgh as cleaning, and typical house work.