Population and Settelment

  • Oct 1, 1490

    The first people to come to America

    The first  people to come to America
    30,000BC years ago the first people in the Quebec area. The route was from Africa all the way to the east end of Russia where 30,000 years before a land bridge had been created by the ice age. They then crossed the land bridge and followed a path to Quebec.
  • Aug 3, 1492

    The discovery of America

    The discovery of  America
    Columbus led his three ships - the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria - out of the Spanish port of Palos on August 3, 1492. His objective was to sail west until he reached Asia (the Indies) where the riches of gold, pearls and spice awaited.
  • Sep 29, 1534

    Jacque Carter first voyage

     Jacque Carter first voyage
    Looking for a rout to asia for land for the king spices ,gold and other riches, He explored and mapped the golf of the Saint-Lawrence and then reported that he found lots of fish timber and furs.
  • Sep 29, 1535

    Jacque Carter's seconde voyage

    Jacque Carter's seconde voyage
    In this voyage Jacque Carter discoverd Quebec, he mad first contact with the native people who help them survive the witers told them what to grow and with the help of one of the native medicines (Peruvian bark) the natives help cure scurvy. After this the natives started to have alliances with the french people.
  • Sep 30, 1541

    Jacque Carter attempted to set up a colonie.

    Jacque Carter attempted to set up a colonie.
    Jaque Carter discoverd for the Europens the saint-lorance river. He then claimed the land in the kings name. he then attempted to set up a colonie witch was not successful. the missionaires try to convert the natives. then france lost intress fo about 60 years.
  • Sameul de Champlain try at first settelment

    Sameul de Champlain try at first settelment
    Sameul de Champlain help found a town in the bay of fundy but after the long hard winter the settelement had to retrate to the port royal in Nova Scotia witch he had use to discover more parts of america
  • Period: to

    French regime

    The French ruled the regain know as New France or as today Canada
  • The first settelment in New France

    The first settelment in New France
    After Failling to hsve a settelment in the bay of fundy Champlain desides to follow the saint-lawrence river to were the river narrowed and made it a traidding post to then be called new france and later Quebec
  • The population

    The population
    Population increased 3,000 people in New France.
  • The Seigneurial System.

    The Seigneurial  System.
    The king set up a system to get people to live in New France. The king got the Seigneurial l system it offered the people of France to get free land but under a few condition they had to give their Seigneurs or lords a percentage of what they grow and they had to use the mill and pay for the mill they own three day of labor to their Seigneurs. But the Seigneurs had to provide the roads, the mill, a piece of land for a church and a place to leave animals. The system divided land in a long rectang
  • Period: to

    The British Regime

    the french were concerd by the english in the plains of Abraham
  • The population of New France

    The population of New France
    Population increased 70,000 people in New France and 2 million people in the 13 colonies.
    Population risen in New France because of the king of France he put Jean Talon in charge of the population of New France first they offered land to the soldiers once they were done serving. Then the filles du Roi came. Then they offered minor criminals the chance to start over in New France, they also gave payments to couples who married young, and fathers of unmarried girlsand Bachelors of 21 paid fines.
  • The british imamgrating

    The british imamgrating
    First to come would be the wealthy men looking to take over.
  • imagration by the loyalist

    1783 to 1800 the immigration of the loyalist and Americans. 36,000 loyalist came to Canada and only 6,000 of them immigrated to Quebec. The English population had suddenly increased from 1% to 10% they started to settle in townships. the loyalist had a huge impact on the population of the sociaty.
  • measures to immigrate have being put in place.

    measures to immigrate have being put in place.
    Granting of land to shipping and railroad companies, immigration agents coming to the aid of immigrants in 1828 were all measures to immagrtion.
  • Imagration laws

    British law discuraged amiracan to imagrat to upper cananda
  • The begining of the Irish wave of immigration

    The begining of the Irish wave of immigration
    this wave of immigration was due to the Irish Potato Famine. The trip were difficult and dissise spreadding. The spread of Cholera forsed the pasengers of the ship to be quarantined on Grosse-Ile.
  • Abolishment of slavery in all British regions.

    Abolishment of slavery in all British regions.
  • the Emigration to the states

    due to the overpopulation of the urban sociatie, they moved to westen canada or the united states of america.
  • Reserves

    The land was given to the indans ( a reserve) this reserves were specified by the indian act. THe federal goverment has the control over the indians people.
  • Period: to


    In the contempory period we see the effects of urbanization on the population today one of them being, the rural exadis.