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  • Period: to

    The Fur Trade

    (economy/developement)The Amerindiens offered furs to the European fisherman in exchange for metal objects. beaver felt hats and coats were made from beaver fur and they were worth much more than the metal objects. the profit generated by Fur trade was far superior to that of fish so it replaced it. the settlement of Tadoussac in 1600 was created to trade furs with the Amerindiens. the commercial alliances with the Amerindians were essentiel for the French to be established in the territory.
  • Quebec was Founded

    Quebec was Founded
    (population/settlement) Explorer Samuel Champlain founded Quebec in order to trade fur with the Amerindiens. Quebec means "Narrowing" which refers to the St-Lawrence River which is narrow.
  • The Company of One Hundred Associates

    The Company of One Hundred Associates
    (Population/Settlement)The king created the Company of One Hundred Associates to populate the colony. 4000, mainly men immigrants came to trade and battle against the Iroqois. some brought their spouses and religious comunities also recruited more than 200 girls.
  • The Seigneuriel System

    The Seigneuriel System
    (economy/developement) The territory on the St-Lawrence River was subdivided into rectangles called Seigneuries that was a large estate granted to a seigneur. the siegneur divided the estate into portions that he gave away to the peasants called censitaires. they lived on the land, cultivated the ground, fished, and then gave a portion of his produce to the censitaires. this allowed censitaires to have acess to the waterways. The system promoted populating the territory.
  • Trois Rivieres was Founded

    Trois Rivieres was Founded
    (Population/settlement)Champlain put Sieur de Laviolette in charge of finding a second settlement on the St-Lawrence Rivers. this site allowed furriers to communicate with each other and to prevent the iroqois from attacking their trades.
  • Ville-Marie was founded

    Ville-Marie was founded
    (Population/Settlement)Paul Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve founded Ville-Marie next to the Iroqois village to evangelize the Amerindians. It became a major trading post.
  • The Royal Governement

    The Royal Governement
    (official power/counter power) was inspired by the provincial adminstration system in France and was part of the French Regimen's absolute monarchy. this gave rise to power struggles of the Governor and the Intendant. the Governor represented the King of France. the Governor General's role was to lead the millitary. he had to deal with the Brittish colonies and the Amerindians. The intendant managed the budget, mililtary, justice, and settlement. the Sovereign Council was a court chosen by king.
  • Carignan-Sallieres regiment

    Carignan-Sallieres regiment
    (population/settlement) the king sent the Carignan-Salieres regiment, with 1200 soldiers to protect them from the Iroqois. most of them were high-ranking soldiers and they were encouraged to stay in New-France by offering them money and land. the highest ranking soldiers were given a seigneury. 600 soldiers remained and married the Filles Du Roy.
  • The Stronghold of the Church on Society

    The Stronghold of the Church on Society
    (culture/currents of thought) The political structure of France was an Absolute Monarchy where the King had total power. The church managed education, social services, and healthcare. the clergy in New France was very powerful. it imposed its catholic authority on the inhabitants of Nwe France and everyone believed in God. the priest took control over their daily lives. Gallicanisms began in New France where the church of France was to the power of the King. Art and events were catholic.
  • Evangelization of the Amerindians

    Evangelization of the Amerindians
    (Culture/thought) After the arrival of the French, the Amerindian Nations began fur trade with the French, introducing different products and culture to them. some Ameridian people adopted the lifestyle and beliefs of the French who considered the Ameridians without culture. the french sent missionaries to evangelize the Amerindians to the catholic religion so that they could become French. the Amerindiens centered their activites on the fur trade. they gave up their culture for economy.
  • The Governement of the Province of Quebec

    The Governement of the Province of Quebec
    (Official power/counter power) Throughout the Brittish Regime, the head of state in Cananda was the Governor General, appointed by the Brittish Monarchy. he received orders from the Brittish Parliament and applied them in the colony with the help of the Legislative Council. courts of justice were set up to hear criminal and civil cases.
  • The want to Assimilation the French Canadians

    The want to Assimilation the French Canadians
    (Official power/ counter power) Brittish Merchants who settled in the Province of Quebec wanted to assimilate the French Canadians and subject them to Brittish instistutions. they wanted a legislative assembly where French Canadians were abolished. Murray's military governement was short lived. Guy Carleton liked the French Canadians and tried to give them more rights through the Quebec Act later on...
  • The Quebec Act

    The Quebec Act
    (official power/counter power) This New Act appoined by French Canadian loving Guy Carleton expanded the boundaries of Quebec allowed the church to collect tithe and retained french civil right and Seigneuries. the Brittish were angry that the French Canadians were given rights. the French Canadians were happy. the French Canadians rejected the American Invitation to become the 14th colony in revolt against the Brittish.
  • Period: to

    American Revoltutionary War

    (official power/ counter power) This war was the result the Parliament of Great Brittain taxing colonists unfairly. it began as a war between the Kingdom Of Great Brittain and the Thirteen Colonies. Brittish used their naval power to capture American coastal cities while the rebels controlled the countryside. A French Naval victory caused the surrender of the Brittish. The Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognised the independance of the Americans with the creation of the United States.