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Grade 10 History Project

  • Oct 11, 1534

    Jacque Cartier first settlement

    Jacque Cartier first settlement
    Jacque Cartier explored and mapped the Gulf of St-Lawrence, reported what he thought was gold but lots of fish, timber, and furs.
  • Oct 11, 1535

    Jacque Cartier second settlement

    Jacque Cartier second settlement
    Jaque Cartier sailed up the St-Lawrence, reached Stadacona (Quebec). Nice natives showed Europeans how to survive winter and scurvy. They return with native captives (incl. Chief Donacona)
  • Oct 11, 1541

    Jacque Cartier third settlement

    Jacque Cartier attemped to set up a colony (not successful). Missionaries attempted to convert natives. France lost interest for 60yrs.
  • French Regime: Evangelization of the Amerindiens

    French Regime: Evangelization of the Amerindiens
    The Clergy tried to convert Amerindians to Catholicism and assimilate them into a French culture. Examples of this are: Maisonneuve establishes a chapel and a small settlement in Ville-Marie, Jeanne Mance sets up the first hospital and Marguerite Bourgeoys establishes the first school.
  • Settlement called Port Royal

    Settlement called Port Royal
    The king first sent a voyage to establish a settlement in Nova Scotia called Port Royal.
  • Fur Trade

    Fur Trade
    The Fur Trade Develops…. At first the main export back to France was fish (they were dried, salted, and returned to France). This was quickly replaced by Furs because the beaver pelt was perfect for making felt (especially wide brim felt hats, popular among men)
  • King Louis 14th had a lot of power

    King Louis 14th had a lot of power
    King Louis the 14th had taking the throne at the age of five (his power has given to regents…people who ruled in his place). In 1661 he took control of France for himself. He had two objectives: settle wars in Europe, and take command of his colonies.
  • The Royal Governement

    The Royal Governement
    -Next to alter the political situation; under the old system the companies who held a monopoly were almost destroying New France. The king ended the monopoly and placed New France under the Minister of Marine who at the time was Jean-Baptiste Colbert. He and Louis decided to implement Royal Government.
  • Filles Du Roi

    Filles Du Roi
    -Minor criminals trying to escape going to prison in France-Files du roiOrphan Girls, from the streets of France. (They were QUICKLY married)-Payments were also given to couples who married young,-Fathers of unmarried girls paid fines. Bachelors over 21 paid fines all with the hopes to increase the population.The population did increase rapidly 1663 3,000ppl 176070,000ppl
  • Religion in New France

    Religion in New France
    The Clergy was everywhere:-Priests in charge of parishes (cure)-Priests working as missionaries-Nuns working in hospitals-Nuns working in schools
    -Money to make all this happen came from the church tax called the tithe.-Most of the people were extremely religious, it was CENTRAL to their lives.
  • Britain has more sea power

    Britain has more sea power
    7yrs War 1756-63…the 4th Inter-colonial WarBattle on the Plains of Abraham (1759) Wolf (Eng.) vs. Montcalm (Fr.) both Generals die, English win, Quebec falls, any remaining French troops retreat to Montreal, where the will shortly give up (Capitulate) 1760. The fighting will continue in Europe for another 3 yrs. The Conflict Overall: New France never stood a chance at defeating the 13 colonies. Britain had more sea power, and could easily sent troops/supplies. Fra
  • France and Britain had a lot of power

    France and Britain had a lot of power
    Our two colonies New France and the 13 colonies were controlled by the two super powers of the day, France and Britain.France was more concerned about it’s affairs in Europe while Britain worried more about establishing an empire.
  • Life in New France

    Life in New France
    -Settlers(habitants) had happy lives but it was work. There was work to be done everyday; Caring for crops, making clothes, fixing tools, preparing for winter. -Because New France was not really developing settlers became self-dependent (took care of themselves).-Life differed from France, where you had the very rich and massive numbers of poor/starving people.
  • The French Capitilization

    The French Capitilization
    Although the French had won a small battle at Sainte-Foy in the spring major conflict ended in N.F. with the fall of Quebec, the French troops waited out the winter in Montreal, and then in September a document was signed giving the terms under which the French would surrender. The document was called the ARTICLES OF CAPITUALTION(1760) and it stated:The French Militia could return home, no one would lose their propertyThe French Regular military would lay down their arms and leave.The people
  • The Royal Proclomation had power

    The Royal Proclomation had power
    -The Royal Proc. Had a goal to control and assimilate the French in Quebec, It did this by bringing them all together as to watch over them, and took many of their rights away so as to force them to become more English.-No new French speaking people were coming in but many Eng. were.-Most of the British who came would be rich merchants who would fill the place of the French Elite would had left.The first Governor of this new colony James Murray knew his job of assimilation would be no easy ta
  • Settlement of the Loyalist

    Settlement of the Loyalist
    36,000 loyalists came to Canada (Most settled in the Maritimes) 6,000 loyalists came to Quebec (Most settled West of Montreal)
    The English population of Quebec had a sudden increase (1% 10%)They settled according to the Township system.They gave their settlements English names.The Loyalists were used to English civil laws. They were used to having elected assemblies.They started writing petitions to London for change.After years of complaining they finally got their wish