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Canadian History

  • Oct 1, 1497

    First People , Natives (First Nations)

    First People , Natives (First Nations)
    Natives were the first people over 30,000 years ago in canada/america.
    There were two main groups :
    1. Iroquois:
    -made up of many tribes (Mohawk, Senesca)
    -Sedentary, Matriarchy, Long Houses, Agriculture.
    lived in the st lawrence lowlands (women's decisions)
    1. Algonkians -made up of many tribes (Algonquin, Ottawa...) -Nomad, Patriarchy, Teepees, Hunting. lived in the area of the Canadian Shield (men's decisions)
  • Oct 27, 1534

    Jacques Cartier First Voyage

    This was Jacques Cartier's first voyages.
  • May 23, 1541

    Jacques Cartier's 3rd Voyage

    Jacques Cartier's 3rd Voyage
    In 1541 Jacques Cartier was ordered for the third time to set out
    and establish settlement (Colony) along the St-Lawrence River but decided to move farther. They tried to Settle in what is now called 'Cap-Rouge' the population survived a while but then disease took over and cartier decided to go back to France in failure.
    This goal was not successful! France lost interest for 60 years. Missionairies attempted to conevrt Natives as well.
  • Quebec Was Founded (Champlain)

    Quebec Was Founded (Champlain)
    In 1608-09 Champlain Established The Trading post near Quebec where the River Narrows*
    **The Trading Post that Champlain established grew into a Colony that would be called "New France" that is why he's known as the 'father of new france' He established the French Settlement Trading Post:
    (Fur trades, other materials traded)
    (Furs were being traded with the Natives)
    (the king was incharge of the furs)
  • Fur Trade Economy

    The fur trade took place in 1608 which was a huge Economic rise in the industry! Beaver pelts were mostly traded, a lot of money was made by the Fur Trade at this time!
  • Company of 100 associates

    Company of 100 associates
    The company of 100 associates was granted control over the fur trades, and they would have to populate the land, but this did not work out.
    Although Fur Trading got more popular and they started it.
  • Trois-Rivieres is Founded

    Trois-Rivieres is Founded
    Monsieur de Laviolette founded Trois-Rivieres as a second establishment prior to the confluence of the St-Lawrence River and St-Maurice.
  • Montreal Founded and Converting Natives

    Montreal Founded and Converting Natives
    Montreal before hand known as "Hochelega" was founded in 1642 by Maisonneuve, it was named ville-marie as part of a project to create a colony, but it became a major Fur Trade as it was in the center of amerindian territory. Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve mainly established this place to conver Natives into Catholics during the Time
  • Intendant Jean Talon (Seignorial System)

    Intendant Jean Talon (Seignorial System)
    The king wanted to increase the population and in order to cultivate a new colony (settlement) they needed a method of land devision.
    The idea of The Seignorial System was then invented! Indendant Jean Talon was put incharge of the population's growth and succeed witht he Seignorial System Settlement!
    he offered many choices for every person, soldiers, farmers...etc Through all this the population increased RAPIDLY !
    from 30,000 to 70,000!
  • Royal Government

    Royal Government
    The king created a new system of governing which would be named the royal government.
    went in this order - king - minister of navy - (souvereign council) governor, intendant, Bishop - Militia - People.
  • Period: to

    Relgion in New France

    Religion was very important during this time period, it was everywhere !
    The Clergy was everywhere =
    -priests incharge of cure
    -Nuns working in hospitals and schools
    -priests working as missionaires
    money to make all these things happen came from the church tax which was called 'tithe'
  • Period: to

    The Royal Proclamation

    The Royal Proclamation was issued by King George III followed by Great Britains aquisition of French Territory. Only English criminal/civil laws were followed. The purpose of the royal proclamation was to organize Great Britains New North American Empire.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The treaty of Paris ended the seven year war.
    France gave away all of New France to England, which made the war end after seven years, and also showed us the British victory.
  • Quebec Act

    Quebec Act
    The quebec act took place, and the french civil law was restored and also the province territory was expanded.
    This act took place because for the government to have more effect.
  • Period: to

    Constitutional Act

    The Great Britain used the Legislative Assembly in this time. The colonies were divided up the territories into two. Upper Canada(1) and Lower Canada(2). Both canada's weren't to different from each other.
  • Jacques Cartier's Second Voyage

    this was jacques cartiers second voyage, went out for valuable items, like gold...