History module 1-3 timeline

  • Oct 27, 1534

    jaques quartier first voyage

    cartiers first voyage, didnt find anything....Explored and mapped the Gulf of St-Lawrence
  • Oct 27, 1535

    jaques cartiers second voyage

    quartiers second voyage....Sailed up the St-Lawrence, reached Stadacona (Quebec). Nice natives showed Europeans how to survive winter and scurvy
  • Oct 27, 1541

    jaques cartiers third voyage

    Attemped to set up a colony (not successful).
  • Port Royal was founded

    Port Royal was founded
    population and settlement : Port Royal is a settlement in Nova Scotia. Champlain was part of Port Royal. Port Royal ended up failing because it had a bad location.
  • Quebec was founded

    Quebec was founded
    population and settlement: Quebec was founded by champlain. It was originally founded to establish a trading post . Quebec means a point where the river narrows.
  • Mercantilism

    economy & development: Mercantilism: the more gold you have the more power you have.
    this is accomplished by exporting more then importing.
    how is works : you take in naturals ressources from colonies you had or have control over and you sell the finished products(goods)
  • Company of the 100 asscociates was founded

    Company  of the 100 asscociates was founded
    Economy and development: The copany was greated in 1609 when Champlain granted a monopoly to The company of the 100 associates. (100 workers/owners) .Furs were traded with the Natives .
  • Trois Riviere was founded

    Trois Riviere was founded
    popuation and settlement:Trois riviere was founded by Laviolette in the year 1634.
  • Montreal was founded

    Montreal was founded
    population and settlement: Paul Chomedy sieur de Maisonneuve Founded montreal in 1642. It was originally founded to try and convert The Natives. It was called ville-marie and its Indian(native) name was Hochelaga.
  • Period: to

    Converting Amerindians

    Culture and currents of thought: In 1642 Montreal was found , which was made to convert natives into christianity. Then with the conquest of the French, the assimilation (evangilism) ended.
  • First Bishop

    First Bishop
    Culture and currents of thought: Francois of Laval was was the first Bishop sent to New France in 1659, by the Pope to direct the Canadian Church. Francois had founded the Grand Seminaire de Quebec in 1663. The seminaire was to train future priests.
  • The power of King louis the 14th

    The power of King louis the 14th
    official Power & counter power :King louis was gaining control but the colony of New France was still suffering . Its population and economy were suffering and they delt with constant attacks fom the Iroquois . Louis did two things to help New France. 1200 well trained soldiers were dispatched and he ended the monopoly and placed france under minister of marine ( at the time it was Jean-Baptsite colbert. They both implemented a royal government in 1663.
  • Jean Talons policy (to populate)

    Jean Talons policy (to populate)
    Population and settlement: to pupulate new France Intendent Jean Talon set up 3 different ways to populate New France, 1) the Engages"36 months":they were hired for a 3 year period to work ( most were Tradesmen working as clothing/txtile craftsmen, ,woodworkers and so on.2) the soldiers: in 1665, brought in 1200 soldiers to contain iroquois and colinists security 3) the king gave money ( a dowry) to the filles du roi to come imigrate to New France to balance the proportion between men and women
  • articles of capitulation

  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Official Power and counter power: In 1763, there is the Treaty of Paris. This treaty ended the 7 year war between France and England.France gave all of New France (land )to England but 2 islands which were St.Pierre and Miquelon.
  • Period: to

    The Royal Procalmation

    Official Power and counter power : The Royal Proclamation was founded by James Murray in 1763. The proclamation took place between 1763- 1774. The purpose of the Royal Proclamation was to assimilate the French and to control the population. The British and Protestant institutions were put . Quebec was directed by a British Governor .
  • Period: to

    The Quebec Act

    official Power & counter power: The man in charge at this tim was the governeur Guy Carleton. Carleton like murray was nice and loyal to the French but for a different reason. The way Guy Carleton saw it was that if he would be nice (gain their loyalty)to the French ( french in Quebec), The French would be on their side if anything happen between the english and americans.The creation of the act led to many things.For example: It Guarantees French Canadian loyalty& Enlarges the area of Quebec
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    Official Power and counter power, American Revolution:The Declaration of Independence is issued to the King 1776.Before the revolution begun the Americans asked the Canadiens to join them against the British but because of all the assurances they received in the Quebec Act they rejected. The americans attacked the province of Quebec several times.The british accepted the US as an independent country in 1783 when the treaty of versailles was signed.
  • rebeillions

  • adoption of free trade