Nick's History Time Line

  • Period: to

    Evangelisation of The Amerindians

    Culture/ Currents of Thought:
    Throughout the 17th century, one of the French's goal was to evangelize the Amerindans. This was because they wanted to expand the Catholic Religion and also because they thought that the Amerindians were savages and needed god in their lives. Therefore all throughout the 17th century they evangelized the natives from their spiritual believes to christianity.
  • French and Iroquois War Starts

    French and Iroquois War Starts
    Culture/Currents of Thought:
    Because the french were allies will the Innu, Algonquians, Abenaki and the Huron tribes, the Iroquois' Five Nations were forced to go to war agaisnt the French. This was because the Iroquois were enemies with these Native Tribes. The french eventually armed the natives with firearms.These battles became very violent because all the native tribes wanted to trade with the French.
  • Port Royal founded

    Port Royal founded
    Population and Settlement:
    This settlement was the first french settlement in New France, was founded in 1605, by Samuel de Champlain. Unfortunatly it was short lived as it was destroyed in 1613.
  • Quebec Founded

    Quebec Founded
    Population and Settlement:
    In 1608, Samuel de Champlain founded the biggest and most important settlement in New France. It was founded in order to facilitate fur trade with the Amerindians. It is called "Quebec" because this means narrowing, and the settlement was were the St-Lawrence river narrowed. This made it more convenient for the french and the amerindians. Quebec was the first permanent settlement.
  • Port Royal was Destroyed

    Port Royal was Destroyed
    Population and Settlement:
    Port Royal was destroyed in 1613 because of the harsh winters and also because of numerous native attacks.
  • The Company of 100 Associates populate New France

    The Company of 100 Associates populate New France
    In 1627, the company of 100 associates was mandated by the King of France to populate new France. The company attracted several hundred colonists however this was well under the 4000 that the King Projected. In 1663 New France had more then 3000 people. 1850 of them were immigrants.
  • Ville-Marie founded

    Ville-Marie founded
    Population and Settlement:
    Ville-Marie was founded in 1642 by Sieur de Maisonneuve. It was founded close to Iroquois village of Hochelaga. This settlement was founded mainly to evangelize the Amerindians to the Catholic Religion but became a major trading post because it was located in the heart of amerindian territory. In the 18th century it was renamed Montreal and the iroquois village of hochelaga did not exist after 1642.
  • Intendant Position was Created

    Intendant Position was Created
    The position of intendant was created in 1663 to foster the development of New France. The job of the Intendant was to be in charge of settlement and the planning of the Territory.
  • Jean Talon Plan to Increase Population

    Jean Talon Plan to Increase Population
    First Intendant Jean Talon wanted more women, craftsmen, merchant, farmers etc. to immigrant to New France. Therefore he created more advantages for these immigrants. One being that land was more affordable than in France. Women could easily find a husband because they were outnumbered by men and finally because fur trade allowed men to earn more money.
  • Royal Government was formed

    Royal Government was formed
    Power/Counter Power:
    The King noticed that the company of 100 associates was destroying New France therefore the King closed shut down the company and put his minister of marine in charge, who at the time was Jean-Baptiste Colbert. They both decided to implement the Royal Government. This means the King was in charge with the minister of marine, followed by the sovereign council. That includes the intendant, governor and bishop, they are followed by the captain of militia and then the people.
  • Birth Incentives Created

    Birth Incentives Created
    Minister Colbert encouraged the inhabitants of New France to have large families. He mandated Jean Talon to create a policy to raise birth rates. He offered 20 livres to men who got married before 20, 20 livres to women who got married before 16, 300 livres to fathers with more then 10 children, 400 livres to fathers with more then 12 children. Also a punishment policy was formed. This was made to discourage young single life.
  • French and Iroquois War Ends

    French and Iroquois War Ends
    Culture/Currents of Thought:
    The wars ended in 1701 with the signing of the Great Peace of Montreal, re-establishing a certain level of security in New France.
  • Start of the 7 years War

    Start of the 7 years War
    Power/Counter Power:
    This war was started to see who would control all of the new territory which includes, New France and the 13 Colonies. During this time, the 13 colonies has the bigger population and better wartime experience and skills while New France has the larger territory. New France is under the power of France in Europe and the 13 colonies is under the power of Great Britain. They are both counter powers of each other.
  • End of the 7 Years War

    End of the 7 Years War
    Power/Counter Power:
    After the 7 years war was finished, the British emerged victorious.The King of France signs over all of New France except 2 small island for fishing. This treaty was called the Treaty of Paris.
  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation
    Power/Counter Power:
    The Royal Proclamation was signed to transform the french colony into an english colony. This document also shows how Britain has all power over North America. This document charged the borders of New France. Changed the name of the territory to the Province of Quebec. Changed the way the land was divided and also changed the religion.