• Complete College magazine plan

    Finsh of and upload your magazine plan onto your blog

    Complete and upload the magazine analysis of VIBE front cover, dps, contents page and the media kit on your blog.
  • Complete college magazine

    Complete before 5th October and upload to blog
  • Music Piracy

    Complete Music Piriacy Task
  • College magazine feedback and evaluation

    Acumulate feedback from your classmates and write an evaluation and upload to your blog
  • Create your magazine proposal

    Music Magazine Proposal and upload to blog by the 25th
  • Magazine distributiion techniques

    upload to blog
  • Illustrator

    Learn how to use illustrator and upload a sample of what you can do
  • Photoshoot plan

    upload to blog today
  • Photoshoot callsheet

    Upload your callsheet
  • Music Magazine progress

    Upload your progress of your music magazine and carry on uploading until finish date
  • Do your evaluation proposal

    Start proposal and upload by
  • Do you evaluation

    Complete by 22nd! deadline!!!