My life Timeline

  • Going to High school

    take courses in math drama and science to pursue my career of being an engineer and if all else fails a gaming commentator
  • getting my first job

    I hope to get my first job around now and work at a convenience store close to my house.
  • going to university

    I will hopefully go to unoversity to get a degree in engineering. the type of engineering I wish to do is uncertain but I want to build things or invent things.
  • new career?or desire(option 1)

    By now I have probably finished university and am ready to start my career as an engineer. I would start out taking on small projects provided to me by my employers.
  • new career?or desire(option 2)

    University is hard and i may not be able to pass my class. I want to be a gaming comentator as well and if I decide i dont want to be an engineer or have faied I could go to university for drama or comedy and start a channel on youtube.
  • how to start? (option 2)

    I have watched gaming commentators before and the only succsesful ones are adults. Gaming commentators awlays have humor involed in there videos. most the time they take act as a different carachters or use voice acting. I think I should partner up with someone else and i will start.
  • how to start? (option 1)

    After passing Unversity I need to find someone to hire me. I dont know anything about how to make money being an engineer right now but if I found an employer trying to make a new product I could help them and maybe maake some money...
  • marrige

  • kids

  • has it payed off? (option 2)

    By now if I have been succesful and got a ton of viewers I have gotten a ton of money. This may have been a very succesful thing to do with my life but playing video games for a living?
  • has it payed off?(option 1)

    If I was a good engineer i may have been hired by big companys and made a lot of money. I now can take on a few more jobs and retire at 65.
  • the end (option 2)

    Now I am at an age that would make me boring and I would have to stop my channel. I am ric and can support my kids. looking back on my life I didnt have a real but it was fun. time to end my channel.
  • the end (option 1)

    At the end of my career I will be able to spend time with my kids and relax
  • Period: to


    after a good career and retiring I have time to go on vacation with my family
  • the end

    by this time my life may have past and i fulfilled my dreams but my life may not go as planned. (Someone has to work at McDonalds)