My life so far

  • my birth

    My birth
  • Period: to

    my life

  • my baptism

    my baptism
    I was baptised this day
  • My first Birth day

    My first Birth day
    This was my first Birthday all my family was there
  • My foot surgery

    My foot surgery
    I got a piece of metal stuck in my heel and had to et surgery
  • First day of preschool

    First day of preschool
    My first day at covenant and my mom dropped me off
  • when we got my dog

    when we got my dog
    It was a good and bad day my other dog died a couple weeks ago but we got a dog named Kela
  • Holy Communion

    Holy Communion
    This is the day i made my Holy Communion at Our lady of perpetutial help
  • My first homerun

    My first homerun
    I hit my first ever homerun at briarcliff fields
  • My comfirmation

    My comfirmation
    I made my comfirmation at our lady of perpetual help
  • first playoff game

    My first basketbll playoff game the sixers beat the bulls and moved on in the playoffs