My Life in Ten Years

Timeline created by Alexis.Baker
  • Apply to college

    Apply to the college of my dreams (The Culinary Institute of Michigan in Port Huron) , the only college I want to go to, in the first days of October so I have a better chance of getting in.
  • Best of the Best

    Win Best of the Best and attend the banquet for the culinary program at GCI by maintaining an A and helping out at after school banquets.
  • Get my license

    Take both tests and buy a car before going to college
  • Graduate

    Graduate from high school hopefully in top 10 if not somewhere close.
  • Attend culinary school

    Pack up, move into dorm, attend classes
  • get a job in Port Huron

    Work while in college
  • Graduate from culinary school

    Graduate with all necessary credits and take all the classes I wanted
  • Move out of parents house

    Move away from my mother and into an apartment/ house maybe with boyfriend if still together
  • Open a bakery

    Use the business plan we are forced to make in culinary school and open a business
  • get married

    get married to boyfriend