My Life

  • I was born

    the Most AWESOME kid was born!!
  • moved to Oman

    Our Family Moved to Oman, Because my parents got a job
  • started school

    i started school in Oman. at 3 Years of old
  • My Brother Was Born

    My brother Vijeth was born
  • immigrated to Canada

    we Immigrated to Canada from Oman, to have a better life
  • Moved to Peace River

    we moved to Peace River Because my mom got a job at Peace River High School.
  • started school at Glenmary

    i started school at Glenmary. after finishing school in Good Shepherd
  • Period: to

    time I was in Glenmary

    this is the amount of time i spent in glenmary bieng a student
  • Buy a car

    i am going to buy a car. i am not going to buy a fancy car. i am going to buy a car that just runs
  • graduate high school

    graduate high school with a lot of hope and an ambition to become a doctor.
  • Start University

    i am going to start university, and do something in Science
  • Period: to

    Time I was in University

    This is the amount of time i spend just in Univversity.not medical school
  • Start Medical School

    Medical scholl takes 4 years more. i already did 4 years of university, and another 4 years in medical school
  • Period: to

    Time I spent In Medical School

    this is the time i spent bieng in medical school, training to be a doctor
  • Finish Medical School

    i finished medical school. i am almost done schooling. i just need to do my residency
  • Start my Residency at a hospital

    start my residency in a hospital that is in a really small village in canada. if i work in small villages and towns, my tuition fee will be exempted. resdency is when you practice to be a doctor
  • Period: to

    Time spent doing my residency

    i do my residency for 2 years, and then start my job as a doctor
  • Get a Job at a Hospital

    i will probably continue in the same hospital that i did my residency in.
  • Period: to

    work at the Hospital

    this is the amount of time i spent working as a doctor, out of school
  • Buy a house

    i am going to buy a really nice house
  • Get maried

    i will get married to a really nice women. she will probably be a doctor too.
  • Have a Kid

    i am going to have a kid named Steven.
  • Have another Kid

    i will have another kid named george.
  • move to Calgary

    i will move to calgary, because i like the city
  • Buy another house

    i will give my old house on rent, and buy a better new house
  • Retire

    i worked hard all my life, and have earned enough money to support rest of my life
  • death day

    Die peacefully in Calgary. at 80 years of age