My Career

  • Last Day of High School

    Last Day of High School
    It will be my last day of high school. I will probably be sad and happy at the same time. It's time to start my new life without my parents.
  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    I want to graduate high school with a 3.6 GPA. I would like have been on A honor roll all year. I would like to have been on some office like class president or another office. I would like to have a summer job and then start school in the fall.
  • SUMMER!!!!

    My summer I will be barrel racing and will be my last year of high school rodeo and 4-H rodeo. I want a good paying summer job. I will also hang out with my friends alot and have a family vacation like every year.
  • First Day of College

    First Day of College
    I want to go to a school with a good physical therapy program and rodeo team. Some of the school were: SDSU, University of Iowa, Dickinson State, and NDSU. I don't to be too far from my home town.
  • High School Rodeo Finals

    High School Rodeo Finals
    High School Rodeo Finals in Denver, Colorado. I would like to compete in this and would like to compete in barrel racing, goat tying, and team roping. I would be apart of the South Dakota Rodeo Team to compete in this event.
  • Graduation from College

    Graduation from College
    I will finish college in 4 years with my DPT. I then will get a job starting as an assistant and then becoming a physcial therapist.
  • Move to Hartford

    Move to Hartford
    I want to live in Hartford becasue it isn't too small but its not to big. I think it would be a good place to have a family. I would like to live in an apartment for two years and then buy a house.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I want to be able to start as an physical therapist. I wouls love to open my own bussiness. I would also like to be close to home and not drive alot. I hope to start woth making 50,000 a year and move up to about 70,000.
  • Retire

    After 65 years of work I will retire.