My Career

  • Scholoarship Applications

    I am going to begin signing up for scholoarships and applying for them during my junior year. This gives me plenty of time to prepare myself for the financial aid.
  • Classes in High School

    During my junior and senior year I am going to take Pshchology. As of right now that is the only class that I am taking that will really benifit me for my career.
  • ACT

    I will take my ACT during my junior year.
  • SAT

    I will take the SAT test during my junior year so that if I do not get a good score I can retake it my senior year.
  • College Applications

    I am going to begin applying for colleges towards the end of my junior year. The reason being so that I can start visiting colleges over the summer.
  • Volunteer work

    I will volunteer over the summer between my junior and senior year so that I can get used to the enviornment that I will be working in.
  • College Visits

    I plan on visiting colleges during the summer between my junior and senior year. This way I can really focus on what school I want to go to during my senior year.
  • Bachelor's Degree

    After 4 years of being in college I plan on having a double major in Pschology and Pre-med. I will have my Bachelor's degree also.
  • Master's Degree

    I will have my master's degree in Psycology after spending another 2-3 years in college.
  • Job Applications

    I will begin applying for job's while still going to school to finish alll of my years of schooling. I plan on living in my own apartment by now.
  • PhD

    Finally, I will be done with college after my final 4 years in college I will have obtained my PhD. It will be a total of 11 years in college.