Happy family

My American Dream

By kimvil1
  • My Parents

    My Parents
    "Happiness overtakes the amount of money you obtain."
    My parents believed being success and having personal achievement meant you maintain a stable, manageable life no matter how much money you have.
  • My idea of Success

    To me, Success is a life without struggles in which you are satisfied with what you have. A life without struggles means to have a stable job that you look forward to everyday you wake up.
  • Achieving the Dream

    Achieving the Dream
    High school: 27 on the ACT and maintain a 3.0 GPA (at least)
    College: attend a 4 year college and major in biology. Then attend medical school for 4 years. 3 years of residency for pediatrics. Then recieve my Bachelor's degree.
  • Family is Everything

    Family is Everything
    Personal achievement is reached when I know I maintain a connection with my family members like cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, and siblings.
  • One Big Happy Family

    One Big Happy Family
    I determine another personal achievement by obtaining a family of my own. I plan to get married when I'm 26 and have three kids, a dog, and a turtle.