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Music Magazine Production Timeline

  • Research/ Case Studies

    Here i researched different codes and conventions of music magazine that already exsisted.
  • Preliminary Task- College Magazine

    Preliminary Task- College Magazine
    Here I made a college Magazine, where i was able to get some experience of how to use Photoshop and Indesign.
  • Audience Research For Preliminary Task

    Here i got audience feedback on my College magazine. My audience were able to tell me on what i needed to improve on and what went well.
  • Finalizing House Style

    As a group we decided on what our Masthead would be and the house style that we are using.
  • Planning and Shooting for professional Photoshoot

    Here i took a variety of images of my model that i was going to use throughout my magazine.
  • Desktop Publishing and Editing of Music Magazine

  • Audience Feedback of music Magazine

    here i got a variety of feedback from my audience on what they thought about my music magazine
  • Planning and Scripting the evaluation

    Here i made a script of what i would say in my overall evaluation of my magazine.
  • Editing the Evaluation

    i used the software Final Cut to edit my evaluation by adding images in.
  • Project Completed

    I finished the magazine and uploaded all work onto the website.