Margeaux Gomez's Timeline

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    Margeaux Gomez's Timeline

  • Take Dancing Lessons Again

    Take Dancing Lessons Again
    I used to dance all the time when I was little but then I stopped and I've regretted it since
  • Pass All of My Classes With 3's or Above

    Pass All of My Classes With 3's or Above
    Freshman year was a rough start so I decided to have this goal and work up from it in the future
  • Be Famous For a Picture I Took

    Be Famous For a Picture I Took
    I want to be known for a photo that I took and have it be a famous worldwide picture
  • Graduate Highschool Early

    Graduate Highschool Early
    I've had this goal in the back of my mind since literally 6th grade. School has always been a rocky path for me and freshman year I really had a hard time but I always kept this goal in the back of my mind. After talking with my counslor and realizing I still had a chance to graduate early even after last year I decided that I would work really hard this year and next year so I could get my all of my credits to graduate early, it really helps keep me motivated to get things done.
  • Learn to Play Piano

    Learn to Play Piano
    I've wanted to learn to play the piano now for a couple of years but I decided to wait until I could drive so I could drive myself to all of my lessons
  • Get Into Varsity Choir (Junior Year)

    Get Into Varsity Choir (Junior Year)
  • Move Out

    Move Out
    I'm very excited to move out and start my life as soon as I can, I know it might be a rocky start but that's okay it makes life more of an adventure.
  • Be Lights Chief In Every Musical at MNHS

    Be Lights Chief In Every Musical at MNHS
    Last year I decided to do lights for the musical. I ended up being lights chief and I have so much fun doing it, so I want to do it for a solid four years. I'm on year two
  • Move to Portland, Oregon

    Move to Portland, Oregon
    My parents talk about how they always loved going to Portland and it just seems like the perfect place to me so I wouldn't mind maybe transferring colleges during my 3rd year and finishing college in Portland. If not then, then for sure after I graduate college in Nebraska. Also, a really funny show on channel IFC called "Portlandia" takes place in Portland.
  • Graduate from UNL

    Graduate from UNL
    After I graduate high school I want to take a year off from school but I still want to go to college and get my degree
  • Travel

    I want to spend sometime traveling and exploring different parts of the world but I know the first place I want to go is New York, I've wanted to go there since I was little. For awhile I wanted to get a photography degree there but I haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet.
  • Get Married

  • Start a Family

    Start a Family
  • Visit England

    Visit England
    A Lot of my family is from England so at some point I want to go there and see where they grew up
  • Get My English Major

    Get My English Major
    I've always been into mythology but I don't really know how I could make a job out of that so I think that sometime later in life I want to go back to school and become an english teacher, sometimes english teachers talk a little bit about mythology. (I don't really know when I want to do that but I just put that year but it probably won't happen around then.)
  • Open a Resturant

    Open a Resturant
    I want to open a small resturant because my dad does a lot of cooking and at one point and time he wanted to open a resturant so I think it'd make him proud if I did
  • Move Into a Big House

    Move Into a  Big House
  • Learn to Speak Another Language

    I feel like I might get bored when I'm old so I want to learn to speak another language and then go to the place that speaks the language I learned and have a conversation with someone
  • Go To Mexico

    Go To Mexico
    When I'm older I want to go to Mexico and take pictures of all places down there
  • Retire

    I think at this point I'll be able to settle down and be old