Lucas Timeline

  • I'm ready for the world!

    I'm ready for the world!
    Born by two people like everybody else.
  • When it starts

    When it starts
    Before I leave 8th grade I want to have done some some clubs and achieved some goals like i want to be in adv art, I think i have the potetial.
  • before it ends

    before it ends
    before I leave prarie there are some things I want to do like adv art, I wanted to be able too have gone too both lock-ins, and, like any kid, I want good grades.
  • Where To Go Next

    Where To Go Next
    i want to go too Alan B. Shepared because most of my family wants me to go there also.
  • im cooking up some A+

    im cooking up some A+
    when I get to high school i want to join cooking club because i would think it is an easy A+
  • STRIKE!!!!!!!!!

    my brother told me that the high school i want to go to has bowling, and i think that be a really cool club too just have fun and be with your friends.
  • I ''WANT'' ROBOT

    I ''WANT'' ROBOT
    l i want to join robotics club in high school.
  • art club

    art club
    I believe I hane the artistic talent to do these things in art and I really like doing art.
  • the next step

    the next step
    money prblems are a big set back when getting a career.and a huge one is experience, you need alot of exp. because no one will hire you if you dont give them facts about past experience.
  • Schools out

    Schools out
    i'll be atending any school that could help me in computer software.the job i wanted is to be a software developer.the dagree that i will need is the Bachelors dagree. i will make $90,530 a year.
  • I just want too thank...

    I just want too thank...
    number one i want my family too be there when i graduate from college and thats really all i'll need and it'll make me just feel great and warm that i can now have a good career.
  • let the bucket list begins

    let the bucket list begins
    i've always wanted to go sky diving, it will proboly be scary but it would be cool.
  • a big ballon

    a big ballon
    i've always wanted to go an a hot air ballon ride.
  • all over

    all over
    when i'm older and have the money I want too travel every inch of the world
  • Just married!

    Just married!
    before i die i do want too marrie and have a family.
  • the coral reef

    the coral reef
    i want to go deep sea diving and see a coral reef for myself.
  • when im gone

    when im gone
    when i die i want too at least live up to 90.