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Life Span Goals

By eligel1
  • Birth

    Eli is born along with his twin brother Zak
  • Period: to

    Eli's Life Span

  • Age 4

    Age 4
    At age four Eli wants to become a racecar driver and own lots of cars
  • Age 5

    Age 5
    Eli wants to live at disney land and own a beach house
  • Graduation

    Eli graduates Fairview South school and wants to become a doctor
  • Freshman Year Classes

    Freshman Year Classes
    Eli takes a broadcast and production and is interested in the T.V news world
  • Sophmore Year Classes

    Sophmore Year Classes
    Eli takes an in interest in the medical field and take Health Careers and Medical Terminology
  • Junior Year

    Junior Year
    Eli wants to score a 26 or high on the ACT
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    Eli wants to graduation Niles west with a good report card and apply to get in good colleges
  • College

    Eli plans to major in a profession and atttend a 4 year college
  • College Choices

    College Choices
    Eli plans to go to a Big 10 school or he wants to go to a school in the PAC 12
  • Continued Education

    Continued Education
    Depending on what career Eli chooses, he might continue his education and get a masters or higher degree of education after college is over
  • After College

    After College
    Depending on the further education, Eli might come home and stay for a while to see how things are and wait for a job, and maybe find a girlfriend
  • Marriage

    Eli will get married and live in a apartment until he and his wife are ready to have children
  • Settling down

    Settling down
    Eli will plan to start a family and have kids
  • Buying a house

    Buying a house
    Eli wishes he can buy a huge house but he has to relize what kind of house he can buy with his income and where it is going to be too
  • Jobs

    Eli will get a good paying job so he can pay fo many wonderful things, that he and his famiyl want or need
  • Providing for the Family

    Providing for the Family
    Eli would like to make enough money so that his wife would not have to work so that he can provide for the family
  • Vacation

    Eli plans to save up money every year to go on a ncie vacation with his family
  • Another House

    Another House
    Eli Hopes to buy another house somewhere nice, like a beach house
  • Retirement

    Eli will start to plan for retirement and he will start to save
  • Kid's college

    Kid's college
    Eli will start saving his money for the kid's college funds and hope they will go to college when the time comes for them to go
  • Retirment Plans

    Retirment Plans
    Eli and his wife will retire somewhere together, it will be a nice place from all of the money that he saved up
  • Grandkids

    Hopefully my kids will have grandkids and i will be seeing them
  • learn how to play golf

    learn how to play golf
    All old people play golft so it would be good if i learned how to play
  • Death

    Evenutally Eli and his wife will die and Eli will plan for a nice ceremony, with graves next to his wife