Life Span Activity

  • Astronaut (Childhood/Before Highschool)

    Astronaut (Childhood/Before Highschool)
    I wanted to become an astronaut because I wanted to go to the moon.
  • Superhero

    I wanted to be a super hero because I wanted to do something cool.
  • Sports bike

    Sports bike
    I wanted to buy a sports bike because they are so fast and awesome.
  • Fame

    I wanted to become a famous person because I wanted people to know me and always remeber me.
  • Honor roll (Highschool)

    Honor roll (Highschool)
    I wanted to make an honor roll because my dad told me to work hard and make an honor roll.
  • Basketball Team

    Basketball Team
    I wanted to join the basketball team because I like to play basketball.
  • Graduate from College

    Graduate from College
    My goal is to graduate from college because it's my dream.
  • High Score on ACT

    High Score on ACT
    I want to get a high score on ACT because I want to go to a good college.
  • Scholarship

    I want to get a scholarship so I could use the money from scholarship to go to college.
  • College (Post-High School)

    College (Post-High School)
    I want to go to college because I want to study more after highschool.
  • Job

    I want to find a good job so I can afford my expenses.
  • Hope to do good in college

    Hope to do good in college
    I hope to do good in college because I don't want to drop out of the college, I want to graduate from college.
  • Successful Businessman

    Successful Businessman
    My goal is to become a successful businessman because I want to work on my own.
  • Help Poor

    Help Poor
    My goal is to do something good for poor people because I always wanted to help them.
  • Sky Diving

    Sky Diving
    I want to go sky diving because I have the urge to sky dive.
  • World Tour

    World Tour
    I want to go to the world tour because I want to see the whole world. I want to meet new people.
  • Ferrari or Lamborghini

    Ferrari or Lamborghini
    My dream is to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini because I love those cars.
  • Marriage

    I will get married and get settled.
  • Retirement

    I will go to the picnics with my loved ones because I will want to enjoy my life.
  • Peace

    I will go the beach every evening and enjoy my last days in peace.
  • Walks after retirement

    Walks after retirement
    I will go for a walk everyday after retirement.
  • Visit different places and have fun

    Visit different places and have fun
    I will have fun and visit different places because I don't want to waste my time sitting at home.