Life span activity

  • Birthday

    I was born in India on February 7th 1996.
  • Period: to

    Lifetime Goals

  • Started boarding school

    Started boarding school
    I started boarding school in 6th grade. I went to that school for 3 years.
  • Moved to USA

    Moved to USA
    Moved to USA in 8th grade. Attended 8th grade in Lincoln Jr. High.
  • Freshmen year

    Freshmen year
    Freshmen year 1st semester, I made the red honor roll. Took Bus/tech as an elective. Semester 2, I made the red honor roll again. Took autos as my elective.
  • Sophomore year

    Sophomore year
    1st semester my GPA was 3.3. The lowest i've gotten. That is why I'll be trying hard to get atleast 3.8 GPA.
  • Junior year

    Junior year
    I see junior year as the most important year of high school. One of the reasons is the ACT's. I also have to start looking forward to which college I will be attending. I will have to work really hard my junior year.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    Senior Year I will look for a part time job so I can save up some money for college. Also, I will take all the classes that I'm interested in.
  • Disney world

    Disney world
    Go to disney world before I graduate high school.
  • Get into college

    Get into college
    Get into a good college after I graduate highschool.
  • Major

    By the end of college I want to major in something and get a really good degree. I still havent decided what I'm goint to major in.
  • Graduate college

    Graduate college
    Graduate collge with a good degree.
  • Get masters degree

    Get masters degree
    I will get a masters degree if i need it. Also get into grad school if needed.
  • Get a fulltime job

    Get a fulltime job
    By the time I'm 23 i will get a full time job.
  • Get married

    Get married
    By the time i'm 25 or 26 i will look forward to getting married.
  • Make money

    Make money
    Get a good job and make enough money so i can think about having kids. Need money to support the family.
  • Have kids

    Have kids
    Have kids when i have enough money to support my family.
  • Raise kids

    Raise kids
    Send my kids into a good school and prepare them for college.
  • send kids to a good college

    send kids to a good college
    I want to send my kids to a good college and help them pay for their tuition.
  • Move

    I want to move to Miami because i love warm weather. I love Chicago but I want to experience living in Miami.
  • Own a big house

    Own a big house
    Own a big house and have money to have fun.
  • Go on vacations

    Go on vacations
    Go on vacations atleast twice every year.
  • Attend my children's marriage

    Attend my children's marriage
    I want my children to have a really big wedding. I want to be able to dance at my children's marriage.
  • Long vacation

    Long vacation
    I want to go on a long around the world vacation. I want to see all wonders of world.
  • Go on a cruise

    Go on a cruise
    Go to an island on a cruise with my wife and have a relaxing time.
  • Own a nice car

    Own a nice car
    This is one of my many dreams. This is the dream i really want to make come true.
  • Death

    Die after living a good long life.