Four winds from 1 cent life portfolio 1964

Life portfolio

By BryanG
  • Graduation

    I plan to graduate in June of 2015 and go to a technical school for Agricultural Equipment Operators.
  • Job

    The job I want to do when I graduate is Agricultural Equipment Operators because I love doing and that i have done this all my life and I know what I am doing. like attaching equipment and knowing how fertilize the crop and prepare the feild for it.
  • Job Training

    Job Training
    I have to know how to use all of the equipment such as driving trucks and other machinery.
  • Financial Forecast

    Financial Forecast
    When I get out of high school I'm going to a technical school for farming mechanics. This will include knowing how to weild if somthing were to brake, and keeping up on other equipment that will need to be fixed. this will include having a welder and other tools like a torch and generater to run the tools.
  • Job Information

    Job Information
    The salary is $60,000 per year.
    It will include wheel harrowing,plowing, planting, and fumigating and doing work aroung the yard were they keep the tractor. in cluding changing the oil and greesing the tractor. also tuning using eletrnical and manual tuning. I know how to do most of this like chanding and cheacking the oil, gressing the tractors so they will last longer.
  • Housing

    I will live in a condo antile I can afford a house.
    the condo will cost around $80 a month
    It will be in ct
    I have chosen A condo not knowing if I can afford a house when I am older.
  • Education After High School

    I am going to go to lincon tec to learn the basics of machanics so I can also fix the equipment that may brack. This will coast around $2000 to $22000.
  • map

    I am going to live in the same state because it is were i grew up and I would still like to work on the fram during the summer untile I find somthing different.