• Birth

  • Life insurance

    i need insurance so family can get benefits
  • Graduate Highschool

  • Attend Cabarrus School of Health & Sciences

    I want to do this so I can get a good job and live a comfortable life.
  • Graduate College

    I would like to graduate so that attending college wouldnt be a waste
  • Get a nursing internship

    i would like to do this because this is the type of ocupation that i am interested in.
  • Rent an apartment

    i cant live on campus anymore
  • Land a nursing job

    This is my dream job
  • Get married

    I dont want to be alone
  • Buy a house

    I want to live somewhere
  • Travel

    I want to see the world
  • Buy a family car

    we need space to travel
  • Have first child, Sophia Rose

    I want to have kids
  • Have twins, Elliott James and Dakota Paisley

    I want another kid
  • Buy a new house

    my family is growing
  • Vacation

    We need a family vacation
  • Sophia's College expenses

    college is expensive
  • Take care of mom

  • Retirement

    i want to retire
  • death

    i want to die at age 89