• brith

    i was born in
  • born

    I was a happy babe
  • 20000 when mii mother died

    when i was 5 years old mii mother died
  • when i got kicked out the band

    when i got kicked out the band i was mad at that man....
  • basketball

    i played basketball one year that's when i was lil in the 7 grade
  • Period: to

    school pickens county high..

    May the 18 when i march across the field with mii class mates
  • band player

    band player
    i been in the band 4 6 years
  • retirement

    i want to retire when im 50 years old
  • buy car

    because im going to need to get to work .
  • first job

    i want to work 4 mii family to help them out with alot of things
  • kids

    i want to have mii first child when i get a home for mii family befor i do things
  • leavung home

    im leaving home when may hit on gone moving out with mii friends
  • Period: to


    i want to attend the stillman college in
  • buy home

    i want to buy a home when i get threw with mii college in things thats what i want to do
  • i want to get married when im 19 years old

    to the man of mii dream in have ine child a lil girl....
  • how old when i want to be when i stop working

    how old i want to be when i stop working i want to be 60 when i stop working
  • Period: to

    the day i want to die when im 99 years old

    that's when i want to die