King James I of England and VI of Scotland

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  • Jun 19, 1566


    James was born at Edinburgh Castle. He was the only son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Lord Darnley. He was the great-great grandson of Henry VII of England.
  • Period:
    Jul 24, 1567

    Reign in Scotland

    He started his reign with only 13 months of age. He was the successor of Mary, Queen of Scots (his mother).
  • Jul 29, 1567

    Coronation in Scotland

    Coronation in Scotland
    When James was only 13 months old, his mother was forced to give up the Scottish throne, and he was crowned King James VI.
  • Nov 23, 1579


    He needed a suitable marriage to reinforce his monarchy and the choice was Anne of Denmark. The couple married at the Bishop's Palace in Oslo.
  • Period: to

    Reign in England

    This reign was important because it was the first time England and Scotland agreed to have the same monarch. He was the first monarch of England from the House of Stuart.
  • Coronation in England

    Coronation in England
    The coronation took place in Westminster and he became king in England and Ireland.
  • Gunpowder Plot

    Gunpowder Plot
    During his reign in England he faced great difficulties such as the Gunpowder Plot in which a group of Catholic men tried to kill him
  • Patron of the Arts

    Patron of the Arts
    James also liked arts and learning. Writers such as William Shakespeare, Ben Johnson... became famous during his reign. He also ordered a new translation of the Bible.
  • Death

    In early 1625, James fell seriously ill and died at Theobalds House. James was buried in Westminster Abbey.