Kayla's Timeline

  • Welcome To The World

    Welcome To The World
    I was born to my parents Monique Jones and Armando Escobedo in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Welcome to 8th Grade

    Welcome to 8th Grade
    In 8th grade I want to take Spanish because it seems like a really fun language to speak and I'm Mexican and I don't know too much spanish and I would like to learn more.
  • Goodbye Prairie

    Goodbye Prairie
    Three goals I want to achieve before graduation is to do my best in each class I have, go to both lock-ins, and to try and make the basketball team.
  • Welcome to Highschoool

    I am going to attend Sheperd highschool.
  • Highschool Classes

    Highschool Classes
    Some classes that I hope to take in highschool is Spanish and Info Tech.
  • Highschool Sports

    Highschool Sports
    Some sports that I hope to make in highschool is the basketball team.
  • More Highschool Sports

    More Highschool Sports
    Some more sports I hope to make in higschool is maybe the soccer team and maybe volleyball.
  • More Highschool Classes

    More Highschool Classes
    Another class I want to take in highschool is math and I want to try and do my best in it and try to get better at math because I'm not the best at math but I would like to get better at it because you use math for your whole life.
  • Highschool Clubs

    Some clubs that I hope to be a part of in highschool are any kind of clubs that have to do with helping out the school.
  • Highschool Graduation

    Highschool Graduation
    Some obstacles that can stand in the way of me achieving my dreams is my friends because some of them will say I can't do it or they won't believe in me. Also getting rejected because I'm scared if they won't want me to achieve my dream.
  • After Highscool Plans

    My career choice for college is musician/singer. The type of degree I will need to become A singer is a bachelors degree. The low range salary is $8.50 and the high range salary is $60.02.
  • The Day of College

    The day I start college I want my parents, and close friends to be there to witness this day with me because I want them to be proud of me.
  • Hobbies and Interest Goals

    Some hobbies/interest goals I want to ahieve before I die is to either become an actress or a singer with my best friend becuase we both like to sing and act and their both one of our favorite things to do.
  • New York City

    New York City
    Some more traveling goals I want to achieve before I die is to travel to New York because New York has always been one of my favorite states since I was young and all of the buildings are really pretty and it seems like I would have an amazing time there.
  • California and Canada

    California and Canada
    Some traveling goals I want to achieve before I die is to travel to California and Canada becuase California is my favorite state in America and most of the famous people live there and I would maybe get a chance to meet my favorite celerbrities. I want to travel to Canada becuase it's my favorite country besides America and I've always wanted to visit another country.
  • Florida

    Another place I want to travel to when I'm older is Florida because it's a really pretty state and I've always wanted to go to Disney World becuase it seems really fun and exciting and because I've never been there before.
  • Family and Marrige Goals

    My family and marrige goals is to be married by time I'm at least 24 and to have two kids, one boy and one girl.
  • Death:(

    I want to live until I'm at least 100 years old.