• First Job

    First Job
    I want to get a job as a dish boy at Boston Pizza
  • Part Time

    When I am 16 I would like to part time at my dads shop as well as work at botston pizza so I can learn more about cars and will be able to fix them myself and save money
  • First Car

    First Car
    In the year 2016 I will have my full drivers license and want to get my first car! I would like to get a Mazda Protege for my first car because they are a nice car and they good on gas.
  • Graduation high school

    Graduation high school
    I will be graduating in 2016 and going to collage the following year,
  • Licences

    When I am 17 I want to get a mass amount of licences like my boaters,fishers,gun licences
  • Collage

    I want to go to Collage and extend my education.
  • Trip to Edmonton

    Trip to Edmonton
    I plan on going back to Edmonton to see the huge mall! I went there once with part of my family and it was fun the mall was huge and there was so much to do
  • Bithday

    I would like to be graduated collage and be well on my way in life I think this is a realistic goal.
  • Married

    I plan on getting married when I am 22 right after Christmas. I will be finished collage and be working
  • First Dog

    I want a dog for my birthday when I am older because I have wanted a dog but my family is very busy and wouldn't have time for them and my dad and I have allergies but that wouldn't stop me from getting a dog because I like them still
  • Kids

    I would like to have kids and take the responcibility and watch them grow up and help them through there life
  • Vegas Cassino

    I would like to take a trip to Vegas and go to the Cassino's for fun and gamble with a little big of money it would also be a vacation and it would just be a good time
  • Trip

    I would like to take a trip with my wife and go on a cruse or go to a tropical place
  • Retired

    When I am 65 I would like to be retired and be able to relax at home and not have to worry about anything