Jackson's goal on achieving a higher jump

  • Starting my goal

    I began my goal and started doing exercises to increase my leg muscles. Like squats and strethches.
  • Period: to

    Amount of time I have

  • Continue to excercise

    I contiue to exercise and slowly start to move into jumping. I have seen rapid inprovement in my leg strenghth.
  • Jumping

    I am fully starting to jump. I am doing exercises off both feet to increase my two-foot jumping abillities.
  • 1-foot jumping

    Since I have improved greatly on my two-foot jumping. I have started one-foot jumping.
  • How High I jump

    I now can jump 2 inches giher then when I started.
  • Seeing how high I can jump

    I can now almost touch the backboard of a basketball hoop. So now i can feel how much higher I can jump
  • Touched the backboard

    I touched the edge of the backboard and have jumped 3 inches higher.
  • conclusion

    I do realize that my goal was a bit short term, but As the years go on I will continue to jump higher, Inclosing, I have gained two inches in jump.