ITT Time Line

By klee071
  • Fall Semester Starts

    Take ITT courses to persue my degree
  • ITT 1031 Class begins

    Another step towards my ITT degree
  • Internship

    Begin my search for an IT intership
  • Meet with Mentor

    Meet with Mentor to see how things are going
  • Start Intership

    My goal is to find an interenship by this date
  • Work at Maplewood Toyota as an IT Help Desk

    There is a postion at my current job for an IT Help Desk. I am to apply in hopes of expanding my experience and knowledge.
  • Meet with Mentor

    Add more to career plan
  • Seek another IT job

    Seek for another IT position
  • Attend an ITT meet

  • Graduate With ITT Degree

  • Leave Maplewood Toyota

    Leave Toyota for a new position
  • Attend Saint Mary's University

  • Volunteer

    Find Volunteering opportunties
  • Seek for new ITT position

  • Start new postion at Blue Cross Blue Shield

    Starting as Help Desk
  • Take ITT big test

  • Take ITT Exam

  • Attend ITT Meet

  • Attend an ITT information session

  • Start new ITT position

  • Graduate Saint Mary's University

  • Start new ITT job search

  • Start new ITT position

  • Volunteer

  • Meet with Mentor

  • Start Big Position Job

  • Decide if want to go for Masters in ITT

    Look into Saint Mary's Master degree
  • Pay off all debt

    Be able to payoff major debt