i want to gain 30 lbs by next year

  • start of goal to gain 30 lbs!!

    my goal is to gain 30 lbs by this time next year. I will accomplish this goal by getting a gym membership, buying supplements, and having a consistant work out schedual.
  • Period: to

    lenght of goal

  • get a gym membership by this time.

  • start taking whey protien before meals and after workouts.

    whey protien is a biproduct of eggs. It is basically pure protien.
  • find hardcore lifting program that is based on a 6 day schedual.

  • Half way point of my goal, should have gained 15 lbs by this time.

  • Change up work out to advance the wheight I will put on

    Get on a different work out program to minumize shances for me to lose wheight.
  • wheigh in to see how many pounds I have gained

  • After party to celebrate the years hard work!!!!