Timeline created by BrenleyH22
  • My beginning

    My name is Brenley Hoagland and I was born April 9th 2006 at Cherry Point Naval Hospital, North Carolina. I was born into an Italian culture. I have 2 step sisters, 1 half sister, 1 half brother, and 1 full blood brother. Some of my earliest memories would be going on the yearly ski trip in West Virginia, this is my most memorable idea because it was always something i looked forward to and still do as it has almost been made a tradition to do on a yearly ski trip.
  • Ages 0-5

    This is Jean Piaget's first stage Sensorimotor, Preoperations, and Concrete operations. Lawrence Kohlberg's Pre-Convetional stage and Erik Eriksons first stage Trust vs mistrust and Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt. In this stage of my life I was learning what was right and what was wrong and the basic rules of life, how to keep myself safe, and learning through experinces.
  • Ages 6-14

    Jean Piagets Stage Formal Operations, Eriksons Identity vs. Role Confusion, and Kohlberg's postconventional stage. From ages 6-14 I was always seeking validation. I started paying more attention to social media and following trends. I was exploring what the internet became and I was also starting to face more challanges in my life and learning how to solve them easier.
  • Ages 15-25

    Next year I will be 15, I will learn about driving and get my driving permit and my driving license. I will be a sophomore in the next year and eventually I will graduate Highschool, I will be attending college at ECU and studying to be an anesthesiologist. By age 24 I will be living on my own with a dog and a cat.
  • Ages 26-35

    I feel as if I would be moving into a house and planning on starting a family and getting married. I plan to have either a job as an anesthesiologist or a vet. I plan to live in the state of Colorado near the mountains. I would like to have a few horses and a few cows. I want to have two boys and one girl with the girl being the oldest and the boys being the younger children.
  • Age's 36-50

    I plan to continue to work as an anesthesiologist and watch my kids grow up. In my free time I would like to enroll my kids in sports and teach them how to take care of our horses, I want to paint and work on being a good mom for my children. I want my kids to be successful in their academics so I expect them to be in higher level classes
  • Ages 51-65

    I would like to continue to work until I have to retire and when I do I would like to volunteer at local shelters or at doggy day cares. I would like to also volunteer in waste clean up organizations and ones that help our community and the rest of our world.
  • Ages 65 +

    By this age I will retire and create new hobbies. Eventually I would love to have grandchildren and watch them grow up as well. I will teach my grandchildren how to bake, sing, and dance. I will show them how to take care of horses and how to paint. I will help my community as much as I can until I am no longer able to