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    Oliver Cromwell

    He was an English military and political leader. He made England a republic called the Commonwealth of England
  • Marriage to Elizabeth Bourchier

    The main event in the 1620s was his marriage to Elizabeth Bourchier on August 22, 1620. They had seven children: his successor, Richard Cromwell, was the third
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    Member of parliament

    Cromwell was elected to the House of Commons, as MP for Huntingdon in Parliament from 1628-1629, after the Bishops' War he was forced to reconvene Parliament in 1640.
  • Civil war broke out

  • Period: to

    Main protagonist of the English Civil Wars

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    Military commander

    The ruling on disputed issues in parliament led to an armed conflict between the parliamentarians and the royalists in the autumn. He raised a squadron of cavalry in Cambridgeshire. The squadron became a regiment during the winter of 1642-43
  • The formation of the New Model Army was completed

    it was crucial in overthrowing the monarchy and propelling one of its most brilliant generals, Oliver Cromwell, to power during the English Revolution
  • Second English Civil War

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    establishment of the Republic

  • Period: to

    Campaign in Ireland

  • The judge and execute the sovereign

    Cromwell had the sovereign tried and executed, abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords and proclaimed the Republic or Commonwealth
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    Scottish campaign

  • Oliver abandonment in Ireland

    Cromwell left Ireland in May 1650, and after several months invaded Scotland.
  • Cromwell dissolved the House of Commons

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    The protectorate

    John Lambert pushed for a new constitution known as the Instrument of Government, as did the Principal Proposals. He made Cromwell a lifelong patron lord to obtain "the highest magistracy and administration of government." He had the power to call and dissolve parliaments, but bound by the Instrument to seek a majority vote for the Council of State.
  • Began to command the New Model Army

  • Dead of Cromwell