Goals Timeline

  • Varsity Cross Country

    Varsity Cross Country
    I wish to be a fast runner and earn medals for long distance running.
  • Take AP Classes

    Take AP Classes
    I want to take advance placement college courses while in high school so I wont have to pay a lot of money for them.
  • Get Good SAT Scores

    Get Good SAT Scores
    Study and take classes that will help me be prepared.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    I want to graduate high school so that I can continue my schooling in college.
  • Go to College

    Go to College
    I want to go to college so I can get a job to support myself.
  • Get married

     Get married
    I want to get married to a succesfull buisness man.
  • Honeymoon

    I want to be able to honeymoon in Hawii. It is very beautiful and relaxing so it seems like the perfect place to visit.
  • Buy a House

    Buy a House
    I want to live in a log cabin because they are peacefull and pretty.
  • Go to Church

    Go to Church
    I want to go to church every Sunday morning to learn about and stay close to God.
  • Go on a Cruise

    Go on a Cruise
    I want to go on a cruise becuase the ocean is so beautiful and there are so many fun things you can do on that type of vacation.
  • Have Kids

    Have Kids
    I want them to exel in school and sports. Then when they go to college I want them to become doctors and lawyers.
  • Travel the World

    Travel the World
    I want to travel the world to experience different cultures and meet many new and interesting people.
  • Go on Mission Trips

    Go on Mission Trips
    I want to evangalize about Christ to people in other countries.
  • Bring People to Christ

    Bring People to Christ
    I want "the lost to be found". I want people to have a relationship with God so that they can go to hevan when they die.
  • Become a Grandparent

    Become a Grandparent
    I want to have grand children that I can play with and spoil.
  • Retire

    I want to retire when Im 65 years old so I can relax and enjoy the end of my life.
  • Live in Minnesota

    Live in Minnesota
    I want to have a beautiful view through my house window. Where I can look out on a lake and have camp fires.

    I want to die of natural cuases in my sleep so I dont have to deal with pain and suffering.
  • Go to Heaven

    Go to Heaven
    I want to go to heaven and live in the kingdom of God.