• Period: to

    my life

  • letter in track

    letter in track
    I want to get a letterman jacket, and letter in track and achademics
  • graduate

    graduate Millard North High School
  • first day of college

    first day of college
    I want to go to Iowa Sate University.
  • graduate college

    graduate college
    i want to graduste college with a master in whatever career i choose.
  • married

    I want to settle down and get married
  • live on my own

    live on my own
    i want to live in my own aparment of house
  • start my career

    start my career
    start my job and make my career out of it
  • start a family

    start a family
    I want to have kids with my husband
  • get a rise

    get a rise
    i would like to be rewarded with my hardwork and get a rise in my paycheck.
  • fist kid

    fist kid
    I want a boy as my first child to protect the other kids
  • secong child

    secong child
    i want a baby girl as my second one to take care of her
  • be a maid of honor

    be a maid of honor
    I want to be there for someone and watch them get married
  • get a dog

    get a dog
    i want my kids to grow up in a animal friendly environment.
  • disney world

    disney world
    i wantto be ablet o take my fmaily to disney world i had fun when i was little.
  • watch kids make honor roll

    watch kids make honor roll
    i want my kids to excell in school.
  • daughter gets married

    daughter gets married
    i want my son or daughter to get married, and have there own family.
  • kids graduate

    kids graduate
    watch my kids graduate college
  • grandma

    i want my kids to grow up and have kids of there own
  • retire

    i wan tmy career to come to an end by when i want instaed of get letting go or something. I wnat to love my job.
  • hawii

    I have always wanted to go to hawii and visit it loooks so pretty, and after i retire would be a perfect time.