Goal Setting

  • Graduate High School

    Imran Kermalli will graduate high school aspiring to go to college
  • Start College

    Start the 3 year Business Marketing Program at Seneca College
  • Graduate from Business Marketing Program at Seneca

  • Get first job

    I plan to start working under my dad Rizwan Kermalli at a relatively low position at E-Shipper to "learn the ropes"
  • Engagement

    Get engaged in downtown toronto at a hall
  • Move up on job ladder

    After working for my dad for 2 years I plan to be moved up to a higher position, halfway to taking over the CEO position
  • Marriage

    At the age of 24 I plan to get married, exactly 2 years after my engagement
  • Period: to


    1 week honeymoon in Australia
  • Take over CEO position at E-Shipper and other companies

    I plan to take over the CEO position at E-Shipper and the remaining companies owned by my dad so he can retire and be chairman This will go with our 5 year plan we have set up
  • Have first child

    3 years after being married and being financially stable I would like to have my first child, hopefully a girl
  • Have second child

    I would like to have my children 2 - 3 years apart so there isn't so much jealousy at a young age I hope my second child is a boy
  • Retire

    I plan to retire at 55, it will be an early retirement but I hope to be well off and pass my business down to my son