Game of Life

  • I was born

    I was born in Cambridge to Jacqui and Eric Wheeler
  • I started high school

    I started high school at Meadowbrook
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    Three Goals to Achieve During 9th Grade

    1) Earn at least a B average in Geometry for my final grade
    2) Make at least 5 new friends
    3) Pass Spanish with at least a 87% or higher
  • 10th Grade Elective

    I chose Spanish III because Spanish II is fairly simple and easy to pass. I'm going to go onto Spanish IV because colleges like 4 years of another language. Plus, it's not complicated, and it's a really easy class to complete.
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    Classes I want to take...

    I really want to take parenting or first aid since I want to be a surgeon. I'd need to know basic things and also more advanced things for preparation to my career.
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    Clubs I want to be apart of...

    I want to be in FCCLA for my whole high school life, so I'd hope to be in that because it's pretty fun to be apart of.
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    My goal GPA...

    I want to have a 3.5 or higher because that's a pretty reasonable goal and I feel like I could potentially get higher
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    Activities to participate in...

    I dont play any sports, but I enjoy the FCCLA activities like Kid's Day and bake sales.
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    Interests out of school...

    I feel like I could volunteer places, like the animal shelter. Kind of like giving back and helping the city. I feel like that would be something good for me, because I like the idea of where I live to be nice and friendly.
  • After graduation...

    Obstacles will happen and you always have to get over them to get to what you want. Two obstacles that I could run into could be: money, or lack there of, and distance.
  • Bucketlist #4

    I want to live in California, because I love the beach and I love the idea of acting. (I want to be a surgeon, but acting in movies wouldn't be bad either) I want to travel a lot too. I want to visit Greece and Italy.
  • Bucketlist #5

    I want to audition for a movie. It's a big commitment, but being in a movie wouldn't be that bad. I know my career choice isn't acting but it really wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • College

    I want to go to Ohio State so I can pursue a career in the medical field. I want to be a cardiovascular surgeon. For this I need to have a doctoral degree plus you have to go to medical school for 5 years, intern for 5, have residency for 6 or 7 before you can have your own specialty. For this job, you can make $395,456 or more a year.
  • Bucketlist #3

    I want to be able to go to a ton of concerts. I love them so much and want to attend a bunch from clusters of different bands. Horrible idea since with my work choice, my hours would be super irregular, but that's okay because it's something I enjoy greatly.
  • Who I hope to be there when I graduate college...

    I really hope my mom is there. I want her to be proud of me because that's a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into trying to be doctor. I also hope my grandparents will be able to make it. I feel they would be extremely proud as well
  • Bucketlist #1

    I want to get married of course, who doesn't? I want to be able to have a big wedding and a really pretty dress. A normal 5 year old girl imagination.
  • Bucketlist #2

    I don't want any children of my own, if I can help it. I do, however, want to become a foster parent when I can.
  • Death

    I don't really like thinking about when I'm going to die. I don't want to really focus on it. But I can say I'd like to be as old as I can possibly be. Maybe 90's. Hopefully past that...