french revolution

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  • call of the estates general

    call of the estates general
    King Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates General. It was the first meeting of the Estates General since 1614. He called the meeting because the French government was having financial problems.
  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    the national assembly took the tennis court oath vowing "not to separate and to reassemble and to reassemble wherever circumstances require until the constitution of the kingdom is established"
  • storming of the Bastille

    storming of the Bastille
    storming of the bastille occured in paris france. the revolutionaries who stormed the bastille were mostly craftsmen and store owners who lived in paris. they demanded that the military leader of the bastille surrender the prison and hand over the gunpowder, he refused
  • declaration of the rights of man

    declaration of the rights of man
    the basic principle of the declaration was that all men are born and remain free and equal in rights.
  • March on Versailles

    March on Versailles
    the crowd first took over the hotel de Ville in paris where they were able to get bread as well as weapons. the reason this happened was because of the lack of food and how high the price for bread was.
  • civil constitution of the clergy

    civil constitution of the clergy
    this was a law that caused the immediate subordination of the catholic chruch in france to the french government
  • royal family attempts to flee

    royal family attempts to flee
    King Louis XVI of France, his queen and immediate family attempted to escape from Paris in order to initiate a counter revolution
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    Thousands of people are sentenced to death by execution that is caused by conflict between two political parties the jacobins, and the mirondins. The leader of the jacobins, maximilien arises as a new leader of the revolution.
  • Execution of the King

    Execution of the King
    after being put on trial the king is sentenced to death. He is executed by the guillotine on January 21, 1793. i think this is the most important event
  • Execution of Robespierre

    Execution of Robespierre
    maximilien robespierre, leader of the jacobins, is executed and the power of the jacobins fall with him. the girondins gain more power as a result.