Five Stages of Saving and Investing

  • Car

    Buying a car to get around
  • Checking Account (Put & Take Account)

    Getting a checking account for work
  • High School Graduation

    Graduation party
  • College Entry Fees

    Need to pay for first year of college and book fees etc...
  • Mutual Fund (Beginning to invest)

    Invest in a mutual fund to get more growth in money
  • College Graduation

    College graduation party
  • College

    Pay rest of college fees
  • Apartment

    Buy a seperate apartment to live on my own
  • Marriage

    Getting married
  • House

    Buy a house to live in with husband
  • Children

    Have children
  • Retirment fund (Systematic Investing)

    Set up a set amount that I save every month
  • Diversify (Strategic Investing)

    Diversify my portfoliio and invest in stocks or bonds
  • Cabin

    Take over bills for cabin up north
  • Trip

    Go to England
  • Retire

    I would retire from job
  • Invest (Speculative Investing)

    I would invest in more high risk things like penny stocks or collectibles.