Firstnations artwork

First Nations and New France

  • Aug 23, 1534

    •Cartier lands in Newfoundland

  • •Champlain establishes Port Royal

  • •Champlain establishes Quebec City

  • •First Filles du Rois arrive in New France

  • •Jean Talon, intendant of New France

  • •Radisson and des Groseilliers reach Hudson Bay

  • •King of England grants Hudson’s Bay Company a monopoly of trade in Rupertsland

  • •Establishment of the Northwest Company and expansion of HBC trading postsinto the interior; voyageurs and Métis nation

  • •Expulsion of the Acadians

  • •Seven Years War

  • •British conquest of Quebec

  • treaty of paris

  • end of the seven year war

  • •First People cross into the Americas 18,000 B.C.

    18,000 B.C.
  • •Vikings land in L'Anse aux Meadows