Fifth Period: Timeline of the Muslim Empires

  • Period: 570 to Mar 6, 632

    Muhammad's Life

  • Period: Mar 6, 632 to Mar 6, 661

    Rightly Guided Caliphs

    Abu Bakr: 632-634
    Umar: 634-644
    Uthman: 644-656
    Ali: 656-661
  • Period: Mar 6, 661 to Mar 6, 750


    Rose to power after the rightly guided caliphs
    Helped shaped the religion of Islam
    Moved the capital to Damascus, Syria
  • Period: Mar 6, 750 to Mar 6, 1258

    Abbasid Dynasty

    Abu Al-Abbas was the first leader in the dynasty
    Brought Persian influence to the empire
    Devoted their energy to trade, scholarhsip, and art
    They moved the capital to Baghdad; which was good for trade since it was near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
    Would share their rule witht eh Seljuk Turks
  • Period: Mar 6, 1055 to Mar 6, 1258

    Seljuk Turks

    Great warriors; hired by the Abbasids and eventually took control
    Took over Baghdad in 1055
    Seljuks ruled the government and the military while the Abbasids ruled over religion
    Seljuk ruler was called a Sultan, which means "holder of power"
  • Period: Mar 6, 1200 to Mar 6, 1299

    Mongols encroach on the Empire

  • Period: Mar 6, 1200 to

    Ottoman Empire

    Turks from Asia Minor began building a new empire
    First ruler was Osman
    Suleyman I (the magnificent) was the greatest leader, ruled in the 1500s and had many talents
    Built schools and mosques
    Were great at quickly conquering land; threatened Vienna
  • Mar 6, 1258

    Mongols sack Baghdad

    Effectively end the Abbasid dynasty, the Seljuk Turks dynasty, and the Arab Empire
  • Period: Mar 6, 1300 to Mar 6, 1399

    Era of Timbuktu

    Sufis: spent their time praying and teaching Islam, which resulted in its spread
  • Mar 6, 1453

    Fall of the Byzantine Empire

    Mehmed the conquerer sacks Constantinople and renames it Istanbul
  • Period: Mar 6, 1500 to

    Mogul Empire

    Babur is the first Mogul leader
    His grandson, Akbar, is considered the greatest Mogul leader
    Accepting of people of many faiths
    Excellent merchants and traders
  • Mar 6, 1526

    Delhi capital of Mogul Empire