Events Leading Up To Confederation

  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Wars

    During this series of wars, 800,000 people fled to British North American colonies to escape the battles in Europe.
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    During the course of the war, several villages, towns and cities were ransacked and destroyed, greatly affecting the population of the British colonies.
  • Lower Canada Rebellion

    In this rebellion, Francophones revolted and spurred on by these revolts, Americans raided Windsor. All were easily crushed.
  • Upper Canada Rebellion

    In this unsuccessful rebellion, rebels attempted to seize an armoury in Toronto and 400 rebels met a British force at Bond Head. Both failed.
  • Report on the Affairs of British North America

    This report on the Canadas, also known as the Durham Report, gave Britain vital information about the qualty of life and the causes of the Rebellions of 1837.
  • Charlottetown Conference

    The Charlottetown Conference was a conference to decide upon a maritime union for all the maritime colonies and Ontario. George Brown presented a form of what the government might take.It had...
    -Preservation of ties with Great Britain
    -Jurisdiction went to a main authority
    -Government for both provinces and the country
    -A Governor General
  • Period: to

    Canadian Confederation

    Canadian Confederation united British maritime colonies and Ontario into one nation, the Dominion of Canada.
  • Quebec Conference

    The Quebec Conference was where Sir John A. Macdonald invited the maritime colonies and Newfoundland to a conference with United Canada in present-day Montmorency Park. By the end of the Conference, it had adopted the Seventy-Two Resolutions.
  • London Conference

    The London Conference was to get the approval of Great Britain to create the British North America Act and review the Seventy-Two Resolutions. They drafted the BNA Act and it was approved by Parliament and queen Victoria
  • Confederation receives Royal Assent

    On this day, Confederation was officially put into effect.
  • Canada is formed

    The Dominion of Canada is formed from British colonies in North America.