Evan Perkovich

  • First day I went to a school

    I was exited when I steped in
  • spring vaca

    went on first skiing slope
  • first slolum corse

    I went on my first slolum corse with my dad and won by a hundreth
    of a second and he was going super easy and when he tried I
    got beet so bad hes a great skier he allmost made it to the natanole olimpic ski teambut he broke his knee.
  • kyle birthday

    the day me And my brother wereso exited it was my big brothers berthday .
  • Mom day

    The day mom won the grand prix
  • Day i made the timeline

    this is a s.s progect for the class it is so fun
  • day was working for my dad

    the day I was in the comepany for my dad and got my job I have now yay
  • the day I lost my dog

  • the day I met a friend named varun.

    I met him online on x box 360 he sent me a friend recuest and my brother Kyle said thats him varun and I said whos varun Kyle said
    thats my friend and I said cool can I meet him Kyle said yes and I said ok when tommorw and hes sleeping over and I.
  • Day I was born

    the day I cane to this world it was awsome