Evaluation Question 3

  • Period: to

    Preliminary Task

    From the 21/09-01/12 I worked on my preliminary task which was to create a 6th Form Magazine. Through this time I wasn't very used to Photoshop and Indesign and this project heped my develop my skills
  • Colour : Research

    Colour : Research
    i learnd diffrent colour chemes and how to identify whicht one is better, this helped me in my final magazine
  • Typograpghy : Research

    Typograpghy : Research
    Doing this helped my as I learned to make choices like using Sans Serif or Serif Fonts and much more
  • Layout : Research

    Layout : Research
    Doing this helped mu as I learned diffrent ways to layout the magazine to make it better for the reader
  • First Mock Cover

    First Mock Cover
    My first time editing in photoshop was making this mock cover of a celebrity. Doing this I learned the basic of photoshop like cutting an image, changing the background colour, applying a gradient and creating a masthead
  • Photography: Preliminary

    Photography: Preliminary
    For my 6th grade magazine I used very basic photography skills which then improved for my coursework project. The lighting was very bad, this caused the model's face to have lots of shadows. This was because of the lights being very bad positioned
  • Final Pages

    Final Pages
    My final mock pages wern't that bad but there was a lot of work and skills to improve for the courswork pages
  • Period: to

    Reaserch and planning

    During this period of time I researched and planned things like the colour scheme, layooout and typography I was going to use for my pages
  • Audience Profile

    Audience Profile
    I identified and created the audience profile I wanted for my magazine
  • Photoshoot Plan

    Photoshoot Plan
    I did a plan of the photoshoot I was going to do for my mmagazine to make it more effective and also to make it the best possible
  • Period: to


    During this time I produced the magazine, doing the photography, editing, writing the article.
  • Photograpghy : Magazine

    Photograpghy : Magazine
    For the photography I used a DSLR camara to make sure the quality was the best possible, this alos helped when I was editing the photos
  • Magazine : Editing

    Magazine : Editing
    For the magazine I kearned skills that I hadn't used before in my mock magazine
  • First Draft

    From this date I applied the changes that de audience recomended my to improve my magazine