European Monarch Timeline

  • Apr 21, 1509

    Henry VIII of England

    • 4/21/1509-1/28/1547
    • Death from Tuberculosis 1) Many wives 2) Declared himself head of the church 3) accused his wife of adultery 4) The Act of Six articles was issued. Connections: Son of Henry VII and from Tudor family. Grade: B- He kept re marrying because he needed to have a son, Although he selfishly declared himself the head of the church, he did reinforce the beliefs of the Catholic church with The Act of Six Articles.
  • Mar 14, 1516

    Charles I of Spain

    -He retired.
    1. Italian Wars V France
    2. Fought Protestantism
    3. Colonization of Americas
    4. 5 ships to Megellan.
    Grade: B, He colonized to the Americas, He helped get America started.
    Connections: Hapsburg Valois-Burgundy
  • Dec 12, 1533

    Ivan IV of Russia

    Death from stroke
    1) Had police hunt down and kill traitors
    2) Great fire of 1547
    3) Polish Lithuanian raids
    4) Conquest of Kazan.
    Connections: marries Anastasia Romanovna, then married Marie Tscerkaski
    Grade: B he was successful in conquering places, but was nicknamed “Ivan the terrible”
  • Jan 28, 1547

    Edward VI of England

    • 1/28/1547-7/6/1553
    • He died of Tuberculosis 1) King & Head of Church at 9 years old 2) Church of England becomes prominently Protestant 3) Book of Common Prayer Introduced 4) rebellions in Cornwall & Devin
    • Connections: Son of King Henry VIII
    • Grade: C- He started ruling at a very young age and was not as mature as the rest of the kings, I give him props for that. He did not do much positive for the Country though.
  • Jul 19, 1553

    Mary I of England

    • 7/19/1553-11/17/1558
    • Died of Influenza 1) Persecution of protestants 2) first woman to successfully claim the throne of England 3) Married Philip 4) furthered the Tudor conquest of Ireland.
    • Connection: Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon-Tudor family.
    • Grade: A- She did a great job, and had a real heart for Philip even though people didn’t really like their marriage. She was also the first woman to claim the throne.
  • Jan 16, 1556

    Philip II of Spain

    -Death from cancer.
    1) Colonize the Philippines
    2) Dutch Republic
    3) Spanish Armada/Invade England
    4) Defend Catholic Church.
    Grade: B, He defended the Catholic Church and their Religion, but he also invaded another country in violence.
    Connections: Hapsburg
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth I of England

    • 11/17/1558-3/24/1603
    • Left the throne because she died 1) Expansion Overseas 2) executed Mary Queen of Scotts 3) Poor Laws 4) Defeated attempts at invasion
    • Connections: Mary I, Thomas Seymour
    • Grade: D- She did expand overseas, but nothing else she did is worth noting. She executed people, created poor laws, and was defeated at her invasion attempts.
  • Apr 5, 1562

    Ivan III of Russia

    1) Younger brother dies and Ivan gains his land
    2) older brother dies and Ivan takes his land
    3) Invades Novogord
    4) War with Lithuania.
    Connection: From Vasily II
    Grade: B. He gained a lot of land, but seemed to take advantage of the places he took over and made them his puppets.
  • Henry IV of France

    • 8/2/1589-5/14/1610
    • Henry IV was assassinated while still in power. 1) War on Religion 2) Converts France to Catholicism 3) Edict of Nantes 4) Marries Kings Daughter Grade: B-He did many good things with religion and formed the Edict of Nantes which helped the Calvinist Protestants of France and granted them rights that they did not previously have. Connections: Huguenot, Navarre
  • Philip III of Spain

    -Death unknown
    1) Gave Government to Lerma
    2) War with Dutch
    3) Lerma Government falls
    4) Thirty years war.
    Grade: D, He gave his government he thought he could trust, but that ended up failing in the end. He also participated in many wars.
    Connections: Hapsburg
  • James I of England

    • 3/24/1603-3/27/1625
    • Died from arthritis/stroke 1) Crowner King of Scotts at 13 months 2) Imprisionment 3) Spanish Armada Crisis 4) Tobacco Tax, imposed by himself
    • Grade: F- He was too young to rule, he was no good and did nothing to benefit the country
    • Connections: Song of Mary and Henry Stuart
  • Louis XIII of France

    • 4/14/1610-5/14/1643
    • Unknown death 1) thirty years war 2) punished nobles 3) fought Catholics 4) Cardinal Richelieu Connections: Belonged to the Tudor family and son of Henry IV Grade: F- Had a secret private life, He was demanding in punishing the nobles and fought against the large amount of Catholics.
  • Michael I of Russia

    1) Founded the Romanov family
    2) Ended time of troubles
    3) Peasantry was reduced to serfdom
    4) Temporary peace with Sweden and Poland
    Connection:son of Feodor Nikitich Romanov & Xenia
    Grade: A he founded a whole new dynasty and reversed their troubled times
  • Ferdinand II of Central Europe

    1) Onate Treaty
    2) Thirty years war
    3) Edict of Restitution
    4) Peace of Prague.
    Connection: Hapsburg, son of Charles II, Archduke of Austria, and Maria Anna of Bavaria
  • Philip IV of Spain

    -Death unknown
    1) Thirty Years war
    2) War in Flanders
    3) Spanish French War
    4) Concluded eighty year war.
    Grade: F, Participated in wars almost all throughout his reign.
    Connections: Hapsburg
  • Charles I of England

    • 3/27/1625-1/30/1649
    • Death by decapitation 1) Eventually lead to the beheading of Charles by his father 2) many Economic problems 3) English Civil War 4) Irish Rebellion.
    • Connection: Son of James VI
    • F: He was executed for being guilty of treason. It was said he was put on trial because he was a tyrant, traitor and murderer; and a public and implacable enemy to the common wealth of England.
  • Fredrick William Duke of Prussia

    1) King of Prussia
    2) Known as soldier king
    3) Tried to centralize and improve Prussia
    4) Encouraged farming
    A: he was a good king who supported many things and tried to improve on many things
  • Louis XIV of France

    • 5/14/1643-9/1/1715
    • Death caused by Gangrene Sickness 1) Crowned and consecrated at rheims 2) pays 5 million francs for Dunkirk 3) ends the regale dispute with the papacy 4) extends the advantages held by the Dutch in respect of French tariffs. Grade: B- He saved the French a lot of money, but also spent a lot of money to have more power. Connections: from father of Tudor Family.
  • Oliver Cromwell of England

    • 12/16/1653-9/3/1658
    • Death 1) Military and political leader 2) more tolerant towards protestants 3) member of parliament 4) no military background, but had interesting tactics
    • Connections: Son of Robert Cromwell & Elizabeth Stewart
    • Grade: A- He brought new leadership style and did many things that made the country a better place while he was in reign.
  • Charles II of England

    -Death-Apoplectic fit
    1) Clarendon cod
    2) Great Plague
    3) Great fire
    4) Restoration after Cromwell
    Connection: Son of King Charles I
    Grade: A, Although many bad things happened while he was in power, he supported Catholics, and supported construction of many different buildings. People described him as the peoples king, because he was friendly with everyone.
  • Charles II of Spain

    -Nervous breakdown that lead to retirement
    1) Spanish Inquisition
    2) Bad economy and hunger
    3) Decline of Spain
    4) too much pressure to have a male heir
    Grade: F. Ruined the economy and let people go hungry. He was under too much pressure to be a good King.
    Connections: Hapsburg
  • Peter I of Russia

    1) founded the Romanov dynasty
    2) ended the time of troubles (political and social chaos)
    3) peasantry was further reduced to serfdom
    4) peace was temporarily obtained with Poland and Sweeden
    Connections: Song of Feodor Nikitich Romanov & Xenia
    Grade: A- Everything he did was for the good of the people. He ended the things that were bad for them and promoted peace for everyone.
  • James II of England

    1) Converted to Roman Catholicism for second marriage
    2) War in Ireland
    3) Two rebellions
    4) Revolution
    son of Charles I
    Grade: B he was involved in wars and rebellions, but ruled in a revolution at the end of his reign.
  • Fredrick I of Central Europe

    1) Elected king of Germany
    2) crowned roman emperor by pope
    3) Tried to restore order in Germany
    4) 4 italian campaigns.
    Connections: frederick 1 father
    Grade: A. Clearly he was chosen king of Germany and crowned roman emperor for a reason
  • Mary II of England

    Death by smallpox
    1) Continued the revolution
    2) in charge only when husband was away
    3) married William
    4) Bill of rightrs in 1689.
    Connections: Daughter of James II
    Grade: B she took the throne while her husband wasn’t there. and continued the revolution after James II
  • William III of England

    Death by pneumonia
    1) Invasion of England
    2) ruled with Mary II
    3) “disaster year”
    4) English Succession
    Connection: Daughter of James II
    Grade: C he ruled alongside Mary, but was also ruling during the disaster year.
  • Philip V of Spain

    • 11/16/1700-1/14/1724
    • Reason of death is unknown. 1) War of Spanish Succession 2) One of the shortest reigns in history 3) stole throne from son 4) Passed on the throne early to his son Louis due to his manic depression. Grade: D- He was involved in quite a few wars, was married and divorced a few times, but he realized when it was time to give up the power and passed it on to his son at an early time. Connections: Hapsburg
  • Charles VI of Central Europe

    -death after consuming a meal of death cap mushrooms
    1) War of the Spanish Succession
    2) Pragmatic Sanction of 1713
    3) Productive Conflict against Ottoman Empire
    4) founded Ostend Company
    Grade: F- He was only worried about himself and did nothing for the people, rather the things he did were to benefit himself. He divorced and remarried many times due to the fact none of the women were giving him sons. Selfish.
    Connections: Son of Charles V
  • Fredrick William I of Prussia

    death is unknown
    1) War of spanish Succession
    2) dictated manual of regulations for state officials
    3) Great Nothern war
    4) Resettled East Prussia
    Connection Frederick I of Prussia and Sophia Charlotte of Hanover
    Grade: B resettled places, but was involved in wars.
  • Louis XV of France

    • 9/1/1715-5/10/1774
    • Died from Smallpox 1) War of polish succession 2) Reinstalled Govt. and court of Versailles 3) married princess of poland 4) had 10 kids with Princess of Poland Connections: Great Grandson of Louis XIV and part of the Tudor family. Grade: B- He re-installed a stable government and produced many offspring, but also was involved in wars.
  • Fredrick II of Prussia

    1) One of the most powerful holy roman emperors
    2) king of the romans
    3) age 3 crowned king of sicily
    4) patron of arts and sciences.
    Connection: henery vi was father
    Grade: B. Was very powerful (not sure if power was abused or not). and was a patron of arts and sciences.
  • Maria Theresa of Austria

    Death from immune weakness
    1) Invasion of Silesia
    2) Seven years war
    3) Coronation in Hungary
    4) Smallpox outbreak
    Connection: daughter of Charles VI and Elisabeth Christine.
    Grade: D. Didnt really do much. Wars and sickness happened.
  • Catherine II of Russia

    1) Enlightenment
    2) Treaty of Seville
    3) French and Indian war
    4) Copenhagen fire.
    Connection Daughter of Christian Augustus and Johanna Elizabeth
    Grade: B: Created a new treaty, but reigned during a fire
  • Louis XVI of France

    • 5/10/1774-9/21/1792
    • Execution 1) Was supposed to take throne at age 5 2) French Revolution 3) Treaty of Paris 4) Enlightenment Grade: F- In the end, Louis XVI conspired against his own country and was arrested. 693/721 deputies voted him guilty of high treason. Connections: Father Louis XIII Tudor Family